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Dec 26

ZJ50 means the rig is upto 5000m depth, and normally this info means lots of equipment need to achieve certain value or standard. For solids control system, it is an info of minimum mud storage you will need, and the minimum separation speeed you will need. Centrifuges will be a must when you drill deep. 

Well as we all know, India is good at manufacturing, too; comparatively not so economic to send some air with tanks. So this time for the project, we offer the client the major parts, yet they prepare the srorage tanks by themselves locally. 

Like many other systems, this system including 3 shale shakers, 1 mud cleaner, c/w cone feeding pumps. After the desilter, it is decanter centrifuges, 2 decanter centrifuge, can run at the same time, in line, or in parellal, to separate the barite and small particles, for better drilling efficiency.

For the mixing tank, it comes with centrifugal mixng pumps, mixing hopper etc. GN is very experienced on mud system design and fabrication, it is not just draw a drawing and put steel together, all the structure, arrangement, cabling etc. have engineering optimization points. And we can also help client to fabricate the simple staff locally. 

If any projects we can work together, pls let us know. 

written by desander desilter

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