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Oct 21

GN Solids Control Co. is a famous world company, located in China, with American branch company (GN Solids America LLC) and Russian representative office. As the time went by, GN has the belief that he will become a leading company in Solids Control and Waste Management.
As we all know, if a company wants to serve customers’ changing demands and get good remarks from its customers, it must pay plenty of attention to the quality of products.
Until now, GN has exported to more than sixty countries, more and more GN solids control equipments and waste management systems are using in the oil and gas industry, TBM or CBM or some other waste management areas. The only reason that GN equipments and systems are so popular is the best quality and strict quality control process.
Just take GN decanter centrifuge as an example, GN has many steps to keep a good quality before sent it to customer for onsite usage.
There is no doubt that GN is using much proper materials for its mechanical parts. The key part of decanter centrifuge, bowl is made of stainless steel 205 which is more non-abrasive than the common material such as stainless steel 316L or stainless steel 304.
Another typical character is GN uses a long life tiles which is made of tungsten carbide, these tiles are fixed on the screw propeller with bolts which are easy to change even when they are broken after some time usage.
Besides, GN has a dynamic balance machine to check whether the bowl is in a balance situation when it is rotating. Depend on different cases, GN engineers add or deduct some materials on or from the bowl. This is one very important step to keep decanter centrifuge working for hours without broken.

After the assemble work, GN QC engineers usually detect and debug for a long time to guarantee everything goes well in customers daily use. During this trial rotating procedure, GN engineer test the temperature of bearings on some points. GN also measures running speeds and noises when the machine is rotating. Generally, this trial procedure takes at least 48 hours.
When GN make sure everything is OK, then the decanter centrifuge can be allowed to work for customers.

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