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Apr 27

This is the first time GN Separation went to the show, GN attended the IE Expo China in Shanghai, and got lots of attention, also many potential clients. In the show, GN brought the main products like Vacuum Pump, Decanter Centrifuge, which is the main product for GN Separation, for transferring, conveying. The subjest is mainly regarading Water, Waste, Air and Soil, and it is part of IFAT. In 2020, GN will also present in IFAT Germany. 

GN Vacuum pump is purely phneumatic driven pump that could be used to transfer liquid, sludge, powder and even dry solids. It is widely used in sewage sludge, wastewater and kitchen waste transferring.

Decanter Centrifuges
is the other two main actor in the booth, GN now has already developed several series of decanter centrifuge, for different applications. 
GN also showed the decanter centrifuge at the show. Comparing with the filter press machine, the decanter centrifuge is capable of working continuously and with small footprint. GN is with more than 10 years’ experience in manufacturing the decanter centrifuge. In choosing the material of the centrifuge bowl and screw propeller, GN fully considers the fabrication availability and pneumatic balance. By doing that, the decanter is with a longer working life and less maintenance requirement.

Why GN Separation? GN Separation is a sub-brand of GN Solids Control, though literally it it reversed, GN Separation is more focusing on Environmental Protection, Food Industry, etc., while Solids Control as the name shows, it is about oil and gas. Since various decanter centrifuges have been developed, now GN with different brand is capable of doing lot of different projects, solve more separation job.

written by desander desilter

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