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Jul 26

No well is drilled without the generation of wastes. Actually generation of wastes is the process of solids build-up in the mud which is undesirable because it will produce bad influence on the drilling process with the decreased function of the drilling fluids. With the drilled solids increasing, it will be increasingly difficult to control the solid-build up process because of the rheological and filtration properties, thus the drilling mud penetration rate and bit life will decrease but the hole problems will increase.  As it name indicates, solids controls is to control build up process of undesirable solids in a mud system during the drilling activity. In other words, solids control means to clean the spent drilling mud by removing solids generated during drilling includes the cuttings and chemicals

gn-shale-shaker-0413GN New Decanter Centrifuge


The solids can be divided into two main sources, one if formation cuttings generated during drill, the other is chemical additives. The performance of drilling fluids will be degraded by the cuttings which will be scraped into smaller and smaller particles and become much more difficult to remove. Generally the cuttings include different size of solids, coarse solids usually larger than 500 microns; fine sand usually larger than 40 microns, fine silt usually from 6 to 44 size, and ultra-fine clays usually smaller than 6 microns. Most of the solids can be removed mechanically at the surface.


Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is a top manufacture of solids control equipment and complete system to remove different size solids with phase treating equipment. The first phase is shale shaker which is used to separate coarse solids, and the second is desander used to remove fine sand, the third is desilter used to remove silt, and the final decanter centrifuge is to separate ultra-fine solids.

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займ на карту срочно без отказа онлайн займ на карту без отказа