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Jan 06

There are so many issues affect hydrocyclone separators performance. Please find following brief information as reference. In subsequent content we’ll do further introduction on it. And make more sufficient introduction on technique and physical

Issues affecting hydrocyclone separator

  1. Construction parameters: Including cone diameter and height, inlet diameter, overflow line diameter, and cone angle, the discharge line diameter and the installation manner of overflow line
  2. The operation parameter: Inlet pressure, back pressure of overflow line
  3. Drilling mud property: Content of solid particles, solid percentage, viscosity, solid density, etc.


Detailed information on above issues


1.      Hydrocyclone separator diameter

When other parameters are stable, only increase hydrocyclone separator diameter won’t affect treating capacity. However, there is relation between inlet diameter and overflow line construction, their product and cone diameter square have direct-ratio relation. So when other construction factor increase according to diameter increase percentage, the treating capacity will have direct-ratio with diameter square.

Hydrocyclone Separator-Desilter

Hydrocyclone Separator-Desilter

Big diameter hydrocyclone separator is much easier and more reliable than little diameter hydrocyclone. It will decrease opportunity of block or jam. So when we can get same technique standard, we should consider big diameter hydrocyclone as superior one. As we all know, most manufacturers promote big hydrocyclong separator since this matter. GN solids control also provide big diameter hydrocyclone separator  and customized configuration on Desander, Desilter as well as mud cleaner.

The desander hydrocyclone can be 8”, 10”, 12” and desilter ones can be 4”, 5”, 6”. Number and diameter size both can be customized accordingly

2.      Inlet diameter

The particle viscosity have direct-ratio of inlet diameter square root. However, the fact is inlet diameter change will affect performance much but it has few effect on viscosity of edge particle, if we decrease inlet diameter, it won’t work for separate smaller particle

3.      Hydrocyclone overflow line diameter

The diameter of overflow line will affect every working performance. For example, when the inlet pressure is stable among certain range, increase d will increase treating capacity as direct-ratio accordingly, when the performance is stable, increase d inlet pressure will decrease as square. In order to get good classification, usually need to meet d=(0.2-0.4)D.

However, someone will consider d=(0.2-0.4)D. will have best effect. Rietema thinks, when used in separating d=D/3., while in classification d=D/7.

4.      Cone separator degree

According to experience, the most proper cone angle is 20°. Increase hydrocyclone degree will decrease Desander or Desilter equipment height but increase average speed of radial liquid so the overflow particle size will increase and discharge sand density is larger. Smaller angle will get finer particle from overflow. Since increasing abrasion, cone degree is 15°~ 20°we can’t get obvious result.

Rietema think that, when use it in separation the best length and hydrocyclone diameter is L/D=5, while in classification L/D=2.5,relative cone degree is 11.5°和22.6°.

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  1. 1. desander desilter Says:

    The hydrocyclone separators should be selected according to actual drilling situation, drilling mud property, required process result

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