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Nov 21

It is widely recognized that industry compliance standards are more demanding than ever,    with new regulations impacting every stage of the energy exploration chain-including waste management. GN Solids Control assists you ensure environmental compliance in order to obtain operational efficiency and economy.


1. Solids Control Equipment-Vertical Dryer


Typical after GN linear motion shaker processing, cuttings of liquid content is average ranging from 12% to 16%. New industry of regulations require the lower oil content of cuttings, GN vertical cutting dryer is able to achieve liquid content below 5%.  This can be done while managing between 30 tons ~50 tons per hour of drilling cuttings.


GN vertical cutting dryer is with easy operation and low maintenance. Cutting is fed by the auger, vacuum system or shear pump from shale shaker. The drilling cuttings are distributed to screen of cutting dryer with rotor speed. The cuttings are discharged to the environment, and fluid is pump to a GN decanter centrifuge for further treatment.


GN vertical cutting is with IECEX/ATEX explosion proof enclosure. It not only provides a safe environment but also supply an operator friendly machine


2. Solids Management Equipment- Two phase Centrifuge


After GN vertical cutting dryer process of drilling fluids, fluids still contains small solids. GN high speed centrifuge will further remove the solids from fluids. GNLW363 decanter centrifuge is capable of reaching 3200rpm for separating ultra fine particle/solids. GN provides both VCD and Fixed speed control. Fixed speed is operated with soft start or a VFD (variable frequency drive) controller is able to adjust the speed of main motor, back motor and feeding pump.  IECEX/ATEX explosion proof is also available.


GN’s rugged, continuous waste management system is widely applied for many drilling project domestic and international. We provide the most reliable solids control equipment for all over the world project. For more information you could contact with local distributor and sale representative.

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