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Sep 05

GN solids America, a sales office of GN solids control, has a unit of vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930 in stock for sale, which is brand new with IEC Ex certificate explosion proof motors and control panel. We accept to test in our Houston factory ahead of shipment, welcome to contact GN solids sales for more detail information.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer 3
What’s GN vertical cuttings dryer working principal?
Vertical cuttings dryer can separate of solids and liquids by indicates of centrifugal force and collect the oil in the oil based drill cuttings or synthetic primarily based drilling fluids. The drilling cuttings is feed into the top hopper, by means of the screen basket and rotor, by the effect of centrifugal force, the fluids and fine solids pass through the screen mesh, and after that discharged through fluids output pipe and drop in to the mud tank, you will find 2 fluids output pipe, one particular of them is blocked along with the other one worked as fluids drain pipe. The significant solids or coal particles are retained around the screen basket and scraped down by the scrapper and pushed to the bottom of your screen basket and discharged through a solids trough. The discharged drill cuttings contained equal or less than 5% by weight, it really is dry enough to become shipped directly.
What is GN vertical cuttings dryer applications?
We use a vertical cuttings dryer system right after solids control system within the drilling waste management. A vertical cuttings dryer program firstly gather the cuttings separated from solids control system( shale shakers) by the screw conveyor, then fed into the vertical cuttings dryer, then the discharged the liquids is feed by nemo pump for the decanter centrifuge, the clean fluids is reused for make the drilling fluids once more. The drilling cuttings is drying and lessen oil in the drill cuttings.

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