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Jul 07

GN now is the only one Solids Control equipments manufacturer in China who could offer both the Verti G Cutting Drier and Hi G Drier for drilling waste management. Catering to the market request and perfecting own design make GN a leader in China solids control field, and the coming for GN’s independent design and development of Verti G Cutting Drier prove that.

GN Verti G Cutting Drier


Comparing with Verti G Cutting Drier & Hi G Drier


  •   Separation for Solid and Liquid – remove the drilling cuttings out of the drilling fluids.


  • Shape Design – Verti G Cutting Drier is designed as a round can with the inlet on top of the can. After treatment in the Verti G Cutting Drier, the waste and clean fluids will respectively out of the equipments from the opening at the bottom and flank side. While the Hi G Drier is same design with general shale shaker, just bigger and application of larger power vibration motor.
  • Screen – Verti G Cutting Drier use aperture screen while the mesh screen for Hi G Drier.
  • Separation Principle – Verti G Cutting Drier separate the cuttings by using a rotating device in the round can, the rotating device is round covered by aperture screen, under the function of centrifugal force, the fluids would go through the screen, but the cuttings is blocked. Another hand, In the shaker deck for Hi G Drier, under the vibrating force, the fluids go through the mesh screen, while the waste moves forward then will be discharged out of the deck.
  • Applicable Drilling Mud – Verti G Cutting Drier is used for oil based mud while the Hi G Drier suitable for water based mud.

Features of GN Verti G Cutting Drier & Hi G Drier

  • GN Verti G Cutting Drier is of maxmimum rotating speed of 900RPM, and Variable speed design available. The material of the rotating bowl is stainless steel, the waste discharge opening is protected by Tungsten carbid. Moreover, GN Verti G Cutting Drier has a individual oil lubrication system with automatic alarm for pressure limit.
  • GN Hi G Driermade a large change in Design by changing 4 panel small area screen to 3 panel large area screen so that the effective working area increased much. Long distance of treatment and 7.5 G High G force make GN Hi G Drier more efficient.

    GN Hi G Drier

GN Verti G Cutting Drier & Hi G Drier for drilling waste management not only stay design stage, they have already been delivered to our customer in actual application and the feedback is good. Welcome contact with GN team for more information about Verti G Cutting Drier & Hi G Drier, we will offer you a satisfactory solution as per your requirements.

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