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May 28

1 vacuum degasser

GN ZCQ series vacuum degasser has been widely used in oil/gas drilling, HDD mud system,  Tunneling shield project.

APPLICATION of vacuum degasser

GN ZCQ series vacuum degasser is a special equipment to get rid of invaded gas, can wipe off the invading gas soon, play important role on recalling drilling mud proportion, keeping drilling mud performance. At the same time, it can also be an agitator with big power, suitable for variable kinds of drilling fluids purification.


vacuum degasser

A vacuum degasser consists of four main components, a vacuum degasser, a vacuum pump, a main mo tor, a electrical cabinet.

2 vacuum deareator

Eurowater is a supplier for vacuum deareator, obviously, vacuum deareator is so different with vacuum degasser, no matter from what aspect,such as appearance, application field, treating medium, treating effectiveness,etc.

APPLICATION of vacuum deareator
A vacuum deaerator is used for treatment of circulating water in heating plants. The circulating water should not contain oxygen as this increases the risk of corrosion on the system. The oxygen is dissolved in the make-up water and thereby enters the tank together with the make-up water, which normally contains 8-10 mg/l oxygen. The oxygen content can be reduced to under 0.2 mg/l with a vacuum deaerator.

A vacuum deaerator consists of three main components: A vacuum deaerator, a vacuum pump unit and a pump unit.

The deaeration tank is delivered in galvanized or stainless steel. Inside the tank is equipped with an intermediate bottom, under which a reservoir for deaerated water is mounted. Fillers are installed on top of the intermediate bottom. The plant is provided with switches for level control and is delivered with bracket for wall-mounting.

If you have any requirement for vacuum degasser, pls contact GN solids control for more information.

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