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Oct 29

GN solids control can supply not only solids control equipment, but also oil & gas drilling ralated equipments, such as mud gas separator,flare ignition device, etc.

vacuum degasser & poor boy degasser

vacuum degasser & poor boy degasser

Mud gas separator also called poor boy degasser, it is a kind of well-control equipments.  When harmful combustible gas is too much to result in kick even Blowout accident occcurred, mud gas separator must be applied together with electric flare ignition device.

GN ZCQ series mud gas separator have two types, one is manual-control, the other one is auto-control, the  pedestal can be made into fixed type or elevating type according to customer’s requirement.

Vacuum degasser is also called mud gas separator, but they are different equipments. When there is only a little gas invade drilling mud and the gas is not harmful combustible gas, vacuum degasser can be applied in such situation. At the same time, vacuuum degasser can be used as agitator with large power, suitable for variable kinds of drilling fluids circulation system.

Vacuum type degasser is the most common type, there is a new centrifugal  degasser applied.

Contact GN solids control for more information about vacuum degasser and mud gas separator.

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