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May 05

Vaccum degasser working principle

The degasser and associated components are designed exclusively for releasing gases from slurries. GNZCQ series vacuum degasser is an new equipment used for processing gas dip drilling fluid developed by our company in reference to various domestic and foreign vacuum degasser. Suitable for supporting various types of mud purification system, and plays an important role in restoring the proportion of the mud, stabilizing slurry viscosity performance and reducing drilling costs.

Vaccum degasser

Vaccum degasser

ZCQ series Degasser belongs to the vacuum degasser, namely the use of the suction effect of the vacuum pump to create the negative pressure region in the vacuum tank, and the mud enter the hollow shaft of the rotor through the suction tube under the action of the atmospheric pressure. And then the mud spray to the tank wall through surrounded windows of the hollow shaft. As collision and the function of separate wheel, the mud separated into thin layers, bubble immersed in the slurry breakup and gas escape. Gas is discharged to safe zone from gas separator through the suction of vacuum pump and separation of gas-water separator. the mud is discharged outside of the tank by impeller. As the main motor starts first, the impeller associated with the motor is in a high-speed rotation state, so mud gets into the tank only from the suction pipe not be sucked from the liquid discharge tube.

Drilling solids control system

Drilling solids control system

Strcture features of GNZCQ Vaccum degasser

Vacuum pump has too different functions. One is using the suction of pump to make the mud enter the vacuum tank. The other is discharging gas out of tank.

Water ring vacuum pump stay at a low temperature at the whole process of working, is suitable for flammable and explosive gas pumping, safe and reliable performance.

Mud through the window of the rotor shoots at walls with high-speed. Bubbles in the mud break very thorough. Degassing effect is very good.

Main motor is side position, whole device with lower center of gravity.

Adopt belted drive to avoid complexity of deduction structure.

Water-gas separater won’t discharge gas and water at the same time to make the degasser tube smooth. In addition, you can cycle the water supply to the vacuum pump, saving water.

Suction pipe insert into mud tank can be used as high power agitator when it’s not gas immersed.

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