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Oct 20

Another shaker skid now is ready for its trip to India, our company strategy now is of aid to this kind of business, whoever is able to build tanks by themselves, we offer the equipment, we both do what we are good at, and it eventually increase the strength for compete for both parties. Shale shaker is the first stage cuttings removing equipment in the mud recycling system for coarse solids separation. Thus the performance of the shale shaker will to a certain extent affect the performance of the subsequent equipment. According to the required treating capacity of the solids control system, the quantity of the shaker unit equipped varies.

In mud system, the shale shakers are always installed on the mud tank so that the separated drilling fluids can be collected and transferred to following equipment. The shakers unit fabricated in this order is triple shale shaker design that puts 3 unit shale shakers on a same skid. All the 3 shale shakers can be lift to put on top of the mud tank together that greatly increases the installation and dismounting efficiency. In the meanwhile, GN also equipped mud distributor for the triple shale shaker. The mud distributor will collect the drilling mud from the rig to firstly reduce the pressure of the mud impaction and evenly distribute to each of the shakers.In order to make the flow rate to each shaker adjustable, GN designs the gate plate at the inlet of shaker buffering box, thus the mud engineer can adjust the flow rate to each of the shakers. GN shale shaker is with simple structure for easy operation and full shaker deck heating treatment for high vibrating force. The independent produced composite frameshaker screen is fixed on the shaker unit for better separation performance and low cost on screen consumption. 

written by desander desilter

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