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Jul 30

Trip tank is a component of the auxiliary tank system for the drilling mud recycling system. It is shaped as a small metal tank which equiped with liquid-level gauge. Concerning the capacity of trip tank, we could find 2 statements: one is 10 to 15 barrels with 1-barrel divisions, and the other is 20-40 barrels with 1 bbl divisions. Whatever, it is a certain that the trip tank capacity is depended on the maximum well depth and the drill string size.

How  Trip Tank Works

Trip Tank

Trip Tank

Since the small volume, the mud surface height change is clear came to know when the mud flow rate changing. Therefore, trip tank is used to monitor the well. There are several operations that we can use the trip tank to monitor the well as follows;

1. When the drill string comes out of the hole, a volume of mud equal to that which the drill pipe occupied while in the hole must be pumped into the hole to replace the pipe.
2. When the drill string goes back in the hole, the drill pipe displaces a certain amount of mud, and a trip tank can be used again to keep track of this volume.

The trip tank is utilized to determine well condition in order to see if the well is still under static condition. If the volume of mud in the trip tank is not enough, it should be injected through the trip tank pump; when the mud volume is too much, the redundant mud will overflow from the flow divider to the chief circulation system.

Trip Tank Manufacturer GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of Trip Tank and other drilling mud processing equipments. GN’s trip tank is structured compact with agitator and trip tank pump on it. If need more info. about trip tank or solids control technology, feel free to send us email or make a call.

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