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Dec 27

The Working Process of Mud System for CBM and Core Drilling
As we discussed before, GN has provided one set of mud recycling system with dual function for CBM drilling and diamond core drilling. It is quite common that every client has different solids control demands on their worksite. So GN designers try their best to provide an excellent solids control solutions to meet every client’s special demands.
By using this dual function system for CBM drilling and core drilling, our client will has an economical system with compact design. GN is always following the principle of saving money for client and providing the best solids control system.
This mud recycling system including one set of GN dual shale shaker with 8 hydro cyclones, one set of GN mini decanter centrifuge, one set of mud tank with the length of 8m etc. There are also some other equipments such as centrifugal pumps, jet mud mixer, positive displacement pump etc.

CBM and diamond core drilling mud tank

CBM and diamond core drilling mud tank

The working process of this mud system:
1. Separate the solids that larger than 230 microns
The drilling fluids over flow to the shale shaker, it goes into the bottom layer shaker in advance where it fixed with GN shaker screens (API 60). These shaker screens can separate the solids larger than 230 microns.

2014.07.04 diamond drilling shale shaker

GN Dual Layer Shale Shaker

2. Separate the solids larger than 20 microns
GN centrifugal pump can suck the treated mud from the first compartment of the mud tank, all these treated mud will go into those 8 sets desilters which are assembled with 4 inch hydro cyclones. GN desilter can separate the solids larger than 20 microns. The overflow drilling fluids from desilter will go in to the second compartment of mud tank, while the underflow fluids will fall off on the upper layer shale shaker for further drying.
3. Separate the solids larger than 5 microns
If the customer has high demands on the drilling fluids, the GN mini decanter centrifuge can be started for further treatment. GN mini decanter centrifuge can separate solids larger than 5 microns.

2014.07.04 diamond drilling centrifuge

GN mini decanter centrifuge

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