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May 15

Typical application of solid-liquid separation is in the process of oil drilling mud solid-liquid separation. Used for separating solid particles in drilling fluid, according to the diameter size of hydrocyclone can be divided into desander. Desilter and micro cyclone three categories. 1 the desander In 150 ~ 300 mm diameter cyclone called desander. When pressure is 0.2 MPa, the capacity of a single hydrocyclone is 20 ~ 120 m3 / h separation size in 40 ~ 74 microns. In the design selection using, 125% of the rated capacity shall be the largest drilling fluid displacement. (2) the USA desander  A diameter of 100 mm and 125 mm called desilter of hydrocyclone When pressure is 0.2 MPa, the capacity of a single hydrocyclone for 10 ~ 15 m3 / h normal work, desilter can remove 95% larger than 40 microns of drilling cuttings and 50% greater than 15 microns of drilling cuttings, and at the same time to remove 12 ~ 13 mu m barite, therefore cannot be used to deal with increase in the use of design model selection of drilling fluid, the frontal go capacity shall be the biggest displacement of drilling fluid 125% ~ 150% (3) the micro cyclone Known as a diameter of 50 mm hydrocyclone

The significance associated with drilling liquids

The  USA desander  is  a  important  mud  weapons  is  mostly used in  oil  drilling  mud  management  The  machine  a fundamental element of gas and oil drilling: with regard to maintaining down-hole demands, lubricating the actual exercise chain, air conditioning the actual little bit, cleaning up the underside pit, moving the actual cuttings towards the area, stopping nicely blowouts as well as supplying geologists having a way of sample the actual development thats becoming drilled via. Within directional drilling, its dirt which becomes the actual exercise little bit. Drilling dirt wouldn’t end up being removed therefore optimizing as well as managing each one of these features demands steady tools.

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