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Jan 22

Check energy current to find out if it’s normal before turn the motor on.

Check all of the bolts are correctly tighten before turn the motor on.

Check the entire shaker screen is correctly secure with wedge block.

See if there are any foreign objects around the shale shaker.

Once the cleaner operate at normal condition, there must be minimum noise and also the operation ought to be smooth and steady, if there’s any unusual noise, stop and appearance the gear immediately.

When the connection cable between vibration motor and also the control panel continues to be transformed due to maintenance or altering motor, the cleaner won’t work efficiently. It requires remove the shield in the finish from the vibration motor, connect the energy and observe if the rotation directions of these two vibration motors are other direction. Otherwise, it needs adapt to be other direction.

When alter the vibration motor, adjust the rotate blocks around the two vibration motors to become consistent.

After tighten the bolts of vibration motor, possess a check every 8 hrs, if there’s any release, and tighten it.

Once the vibration employed for about 500 hrs, inject a number of specific lubricant grease (about 80g).

The control switch is explosion-proof, don’t open if it is necessary. If have to look for problem, it requires switch off the energy first. When look into the equipment for possible problem, don’t let yourself be neglected particulars or wrong installed, to be sure the explosion-proof.

The wedge of shaker screen ought to be checked each 8 hour, if there’s any problem of release, tighten it promptly.

With compact the shaker screen, the strain pressure of every bolt is 5KN.

Once the mud cleaner can be used for 1000 hrs, some lubricating grease ought to be injected in to the grease box.

When the springs broken, alter the springs as quickly as possible. When altering the springs, the screen box ought to be elevated, and set the springs around the spring bases, then ease-lower the screen box.

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