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Apr 01

As a world-famous manufacture of solids control equipment & Drilling Waste Mangement, The Desander is one of the main products of GN Solids Control. In this article, we will mainly introduce the knowledge about Desander Model Selection.


As showed in below pictures, they are all the desanders that GN Solids Control supplies.


1). Desander (Drying Shaker not equipped): 

  • the cut point is +40 microns;
  • the “Cone QTY” is optional according required capacity;
  • the cone size is 10”, treatment capacity of each cone is  120m³/h;


2). Desander (Drying Shaker equipped);

  • Shaker is used for drying the solid-phase discharged from the nozzle. More dryer solid-phase can be gotten and the liquid-phase could be recycled;
  • Compact structure, the Assy could be devided into Desander and Shaker conveniently;


3). Mud Cleaner (Desilter & Desander & Drying Shaker three-in-one machine)

  • Desander is used for sperating out the solid-phase +40 microns;
  • Desilter is used for separating out the solid-pahse +20 microns. Its “Cone QTY” is also optional, the cone size is 4”, treatment capacity of each cone is  20m³/h.
  • Shaker is used for drying the solid-phase descharged from both nozzles of Desander and Desilter;


When customer inquires the Desander, below info is needed to let the manufacture know so that the proper model of desander could be recommended and could meet the actual demand.


1). How much is the treatment capacity that needed?


2). How is the expected treatment effect? Such as the “cut point”, “liquid content in solid particles”, etc.

Note: The Drying Shaker could effectively reduce the liquid-content in discharged solid particles, so the shaker needs to be equipped if the customer wants to get much more dryer solid particles.  


3). the actual “Working Process introduction” about “treating the drilling mud”, it will be important for the manufacture has a clear understanding about the desander’s application, etc.


Finally, if you want to learn more about the Desander manufactured by GN Solids Control, welcome to visit our website and contact us.



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