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May 16

In this article, we will introduce the features and advantages of mud cleaner that manufactured by GN Solids Control


Mud Cleaner, 1 of the widely used machines in treating the drilling mud and realize the solid-liquid separation and guarantee the mud can be used again, is one of the most earliest researched out products in GN. It is also 1 of the advantageous products that GN manufactures and sales 250 units per year.


Mud Cleaner is a three in one machine, the shaker, desander, desilter are combined and put together.


Since the 1st unit of mud cleaner was manufactured in GN, actually it also has went through a lot of improvement work. Until now, if the customer has the good advice with the machine, GN will be willing to accept and turn the advice into real change on the machine.


Compared with the mud cleaner manufactured by competitors, GN’s mud cleaner has some features as below,


  1. As in the real work, different customers from different industries have some differential requirements with the mud cleaner, such as for the treatment capacity, the explosion proof requirement, the feeding type, etc.


GN’s mud cleaners have different treatment capacities for customer choice, like 500GPM’s small treatment capacity, 1000GPM’s, 1500GPM’s, etc.


As has different explosion proof standards in countries, GN has the “ExdⅡbt, IEC, ATEX…” Ex standards for customer.


  1. As 1 of the working principles of mud cleaner is to vibrate the mud and make the mud move on the screen by the vibration motor, the vibration strength will be high. In order to ensure the mud cleaner can burden the high vibration strength, the whole deck of mud cleaner is through the high temperature heat treatment to increase its strength.


  1. Duo to the bad work environment and condition, there is high requirement with the machine’s reliability and stability, all of GN’s mud cleaners are equipped with the parts from world famous brands, such as the Martin & Oli for vibration motor, Siemens & Schneider for the electrical components, etc.


Ensure the products with good quality are provided to customer and can create constant value is always the psychology of all GN’s people.


Finally, Welcome to contact us for any need:


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