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Jan 08

   1、System includes 3 phase solids control stage: a. shale shaker;b. de-sander separation to clean the particles bigger than 47μm. c.de-silter separation, to clean the particles bigger than 20μm.


   2、GNZS703F-SHBF linear motion shale shaker, c/w shaker screens:700×1250 made of composite frame, 3pcs, separation area up to 2.63m²;GNZJ703F-D2S12N using same spec shaker screens.

   3、Designed flow rate is:≤240 m3/h,rated capacity:220 m3/h.

Ambient temperature:-18°~50°.

4、For mud viscosity:≤80 S .

5、Allowed weather:rain, snow, fog etc

6、Designed for continuous working

7、Attitude ≤2500 m can fully operating, if ≥2500 m may effect the efficiency.

8、All equipment is standard products, complying SY/T5612-2007《Drilling Mud Solids Control Equipment》

9、The system is compact, flexible, easy for operate, safe and reliable.

10. Easy for transportation, in and onboard.

written by desander desilter

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