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Apr 23

At once the “2016 OTC Exhibition” will be hold on May 2-5 in Houston.

At the exhibition, the Centrifuge, Vertical Dryer and Shaker Screens that manufactured by GN Solids Control will be showed.


Today, in this article we go on to introduce the features of GN’s centrifuge so that people could learn about its knowledge in advance.


  1. All GN’s centrifuges are motor driving, usually there are 2 motors equipped for 1 centrifuge: 1main motor and 1 deputy motor. For all GN’s Centrifuge, the 2 motors are designed and fitted on 1 end of the centrifuge, which is 1 of the dominant advantage of GN’s Centrifuge, as the whole structure could be more compact and very convenient for operation, maintenance, transportation, etc.


Besides, the 2 motors is combined together with 1 gearbox to drive the drum and helical pusher.


The main motor is used for driving the drum ,the deputy motor is used for driving the helical pusher;



  1. As centrifuge has a high speed when working, so it has high demand for the manufacturing process and dynamic balance. For all GN’s centrifuges, the drums are S304, S306 even 2205 stainless steel.

Such as the duplex 2205 stainless steel, it is very wearable;

Besides, the high-speed centrifuge has strict demand for the dynamic balance. Not only GN uses the balance machine test the drum under higher speed than its working speed, but also the centrifugal casing process is adopted for drum, which is the best process for drum and could effectively avoid the bubble or gap in it.


  1. All the matching parts are from world-famous brands. Such as the main bearings for supporting the drum and helical pusher are from SKF (Germany Brand), NSK (Japan Brand) or FAG (Germany Brand);


Another example is the electrical parts, they are also from the world-famous brands like SCHINEIDER, SIEMENS, ABB. For VFD centrifuge, the frequency changer is from ABB brand;


Welcome you contact us or visit our booth at the exhibition for learning more about our centrifuge and other products.



Email:[email protected]

written by GN Desander Desilter

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