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The fast development of GN Solids America » GN Desander Desilter
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Dec 14

The fast development of GN Solids America

This year the oil and gas industry is not a big harvest year, for most of the companies that working on this area, they have experience a complicated whole year. As the large effect of political conflicts, the price of oil and gas is keep changing. And the oil has reached the bottom price since five years ago.

Many solids control or solids separation companies have to cut down their production to keep running. So here is the time that only those solids control companies with excellent quality and good after sales maintenance can survive and maybe even better than the old days.

GN Solids Control has invested in Houston to establish an American branch company which is GN Solids America LLC. Frankly speaking, due to the huge and complicated preparation work at the beginning of establish of GN Solids America. Our sales in Houston don’t have much time to develop the America market.



However, GN sales in Houston are spare no effort to expand the oil and gas industries as well as waste management industry. The second half year, GN Solids America harvest so many orders on solids control equipments. Many sets of shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryers as well as hundreds of shaker screens have been delivered to Houston warehouse from China factory. And these equipments are sold out in a short period.

Many clients knew GN Solids for some years, and they are glad to see GN has one warehouse in Houston, TX. So once they get this good news, some of them come to GN warehouse directly, they would like to purchase these equipments after they witnessed the running process of them.

Take the 4 sets of shale shakers in GN warehouse as an example, some clients placed the purchase order for 3 sets, and they would like us to keep for them and arrange the shipment after the new year.

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