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Jul 04
GN solid control is an integrated manufacturing company for solid control and waste management system. Its products covers shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, cutting dryer, decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser and so on. MUD CLEANER
As the important part of the system, the shale shaker and mud cleaner have many applications, such as the drilling solid control and the mud recovery in the construction and mining system. Now in the industry for the mechanical separation method, there are two kinds, the screens devices and the centrifugal separation devices, that is the shale shaker and the desander, desilter and mud cleaner. In the solid control system, the GN’s shale shaker has great G force that can separate the liquid and solid using the screen, that is the coarse separation. After the separation, the solid will be gather into the waste tank and be disposed, the liquid will be dropped into the circulation tank and transferred to the next tank for further separation. And the next level is the desander, desilter or the integrated mud cleaner, that is the combination of shale shaker, desander and desilter. In the tank, there will be a centrifugal pump which can be manufactured by GN solids control.  The centrifugal pump will boost the liquid to the hydroclone of the mud cleaner, it will goes into the bigger hydroclone, the desander. The diameter of GN’s desander is 10 inch. After the first separation, the liquid will be boosted into the desilter, the diameter of GN’s desilter is 4 inch. All the separated liquid will be circulated into the next cycle and the solid will be transferred into the waste tank for waste disposal. If there will be more valuable element in the liquid, such as the barite, there will be a shaker screen for further separation. All the GN’s equipment are reliable and endurable and have been sold to more than 60 countries.
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written by GN Desander Desilter

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