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Sep 22

Sometimes we need to make two single shakers on the same skid, called tandem shale shaker or twin shale shaker (double shale shaker). It is convenient for transportation.

GNZS83-2 tandem shaker

GNZS83-2 tandem shaker

 What is the difference between dual deck shaker and tandem shaker? Dual deck shaker has two decks on one shaker, but tandem shaker is combined two complete single shakers on the same skid.

 One advantage of the dual deck shale shaker is their ability to reduce solids loading on the lower, fine mesh screen deck. This increase both shaker capacity and screen life. However, capacity may still be exceeded under many drilling conditions. The screen mesh and, thus, the size solids returned to the active system, is often increased to prevent loss of whole mud over the end of the shaker screens.

 It is better to use pyramid screens for Tandem shale shaker, even though it is much expensive than pre-tensioned flat panel screen and soft hook strip screen.

 What is the advantages of using pyramid screens?

Increased Shaker Capacity – Pyramid and Pyramid Plus screens increase the total amount of usable API non-blanked screen area by 105% and 184% on a Tandem shale shaker.

Screen Finer Faster – Utilizing Pyramid or Pyramid Plus screens enables rigs to screen 2 to 3 mesh sizes finer than with traditional flat panel screens without sacrificing capacity. This maximizes solids removal capabilities.

Makes Fine Separations – Pyramid and Pyramid Plus screens are capable of making separations as fine as 43 microns.

Drier Cuttings – Pyramid screens minimize fluid loss by spreading thinner layers of fluid over a relatively larger screen surface, offering more effective drying results.

Enhanced Permeability – Gravity and vibration forces the solids into the corrugated screen’s troughs, thus allowing more fluid to pass through the top of the screen.

Vibrating mode: Linear motion

Shaker Deck: Single Deck

Deck adjustment:  -1°~5°

Vibrating strength: ≤7.0G

 GN solids control can make tandem shaker according to your required flow rate, and the design can be customized.

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