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Jan 14

GN Solids Control Company has some main market in oil & gas drilling field. Like GN Solids Control equipment for Brazil, GN Solids Control equipment for Argentina, GN Solids Control equipment for Russia, GN Solids control equipment for Iran, GN Solids Control Equipment for Saudi Arabia, GN Solids Control equipment for Kuwait, GN Solids Control equipment for Oman, GN Solids Control equipment for Egypt, GN Solids control equipment for Nigeria etc.


All the countries mentioned above is GN valuable market with large capacity of solids control equipment requirements. Recently, GN Solids control has6 sets decanter centrifugeready for Africa drilling customer from Nigeria.  They are land drilling contractor with 4 land rigs and more rigs is coming.


As professional solids control equipment supplier, the Africa drilling company buy lots of solids control equipment from us. Formerly they only use USA brand equipment like Swaco or Derrick, but later they check our factory and issue more and more orders from year of 2013.


10 sets Decanter Centrifuge is ready for delivery for Africa Drilling customer. The centrifuge is GNLW363 Series centrifuge, GNLW363CG as fixed speed centrifuge and GNLW363CG-VFD as variable speed centrifuge.  They use them both for fast cutting mud weight. When they need lower speed for barite recovery, they may stop operation of fixed speed centrifuge GNLW363CG and only use variable speed GNLW363CG-VFD in lower speed about 1800rpm. They use auxiliary motor speed to adjust the differential speed and get reasonable differential speed and reasonable treating speed.


Except for these 10 sets Decanter Centrifuge, they also buy one mud plant system with 7 mud tank & 2 diesel tanks from us. This is used for mixing and storage drilling mud which will be used for several drilling rigs.  The customer also buys 3 sets of vertical drilling cuttings dryer. This dryer is replacement for Swaco verti-G dryer. The Verti-G dryer is already tested and verified at Shell jobsite. The Shell operation is very satisfied with GN dryer working performance.


GN Solids Control is new star in solids control field. With professional engineer, strong manufacturing capacity, able sales team, GN Solids control is your first choice from China.

363 Decanter Centrifuge 2


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May 18

Under the requirement of environmental regulation, vertical cutting dryer (vertical centrifuge ) is gained much attention from public. Cutting dryer is one kind of solution to deal with the oil based mud and synthetic base mud. Recently, GN Cutting dryer is also tested with water based mud which is widely recognized as  harder mud to separate solids without clogging. It is widely acknowledged that only high functional cutting dyer is able to deal with water based mud so GN cutting dryer is able to absolutely separator all kinds of mud

Compare to CSI Cutting Dryer, GN cutting dryer advantages

GN cutting dryer process water based mud

GN cutting dryer process water based mud

1.  GN vertical cutting dryer is install air knife and flushing system to prevent screen basket from plugging

2. Discharge screw conveyor is a good solution to transport the solids from the dryer to discharge site

3. Carefully select the material of flights and design the screen opening distance assure historically and consistently produced as low as 5% oil retention on cuttings by weight. GN  also provides parts and service for cuttings dryers.

GN also supports a plenty of solids control equipment to work with cutting dyer. GN not only provide the single device, but focus on offering a completely solution to your working site such as bored pile mud solution, diamond drilling mud recycling , dredging slurry separation, HDD(Horizontal Directional Drilling) and CBM

(Coal Bed Methane).  GN Solids Control will be your best partner in the solids control field.

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Dec 29

The drilling waste management is one of the most important chanllenges in the oil/gas exploitation industry. The used drilling mud and cuttings are the main source of drilling waste.There are basically three types drilling mud. Oil-based mud, Waste-based mud,and synthetic based mud. OBM offer advantages over WBM for drilling operation. as a result, OBM are more frequently used in oil/gas drilling. As increased environment protection awareness and more stringent regulation on drilling waste discharge.The global drilling waste management market is therefore expected to grow to approximately $8 billion by 2018.

Currently there are four popular method of drilling waste treatment.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Vertical Cuttings Dryer

(1) Solidificatin and stabilization, If a polution is below the allowed limit,drilling waste can be solidified. Cement and silica the most popular agents.

2)Cuttings Re-injection. It is successful as well in onshore as in offshore operations. Only a very fine suspension can be injected. So the ball mill or the ultrasonic processor is often necessary to prepare proper particles for the suspension.

3)Thermal method is very useful for cleaning the cuttings.

4)Bioremediation is a more sustainable solution. it can be done in five ways: composting,bioreactors,vermiculture and landfarming.

GN as a top Solids Control Equipment manufacturer in the world. Now we also supply equipments for drilling waste management. The main equipments are Vertical Cuttings Dryer, Decanter Centrifuge, Screw Conveyor. etc. Vertical Cuttings Dryer mostly used for processing wet cuttings discharge from shale shakers to reduce oil content and return reclaimed drilling fluid to active system.







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