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Dec 15

HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) rigs are nowadays part of pipeline construction projects. This increasing trenchless technology contributes a technical and economic edge as well as providing environmental and productivity advantages. For under-river crossings, traffic way crossings, flood protection dams,crossings below foundations of buildings or objects, nature reserves, parks or even whole city areas or mountain zone, different size and type HDD rigs are used for pipeline laying projects of different lengths, depths, geology as well as technical and environment conditions.

HDD Drilling Rig

How HDD Rigs Drill the Pipeline Guiding Hole

Before drilling, the operator will dig a small well on the ground and predetermine the drilling route. In the drilling bit, there is a signal bar which is used to make the drilling bit drill as per the desired direction.
As the drilling pipe get into the ground is gradient and also out of the ground upwards gradient, the drilling route looks like a inverted parabola.
After the drill bit out of ground from the desired point, always other side of river, road or mountains, we would get drilling guide hole. Then, larger drill bit, also called reamer, would be installed on the drill pipe to drill again along the hole so that to make the hole diameter larger. Several larger reamer would be used to make the hole diameter is larger than the diameter of the pipeline which would be laid later.

HDD Mud System Application During Drilling

GN HDD Mud Recycling System

GN HDD Mud Recycling System

In order to prevent the collapse of the hole wall and lubricate the drilling bit, the drilling mud would be used during the whole drilling operation.
Herewith, we would give a brife introduction for HDD mud system. Generally, one unit complete HDD mud system would consist mud tank, shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud mixing unit and pumps to transfer the recycled mud back to the rig. Nowadays, almost all the HDD contractor would equip the rig with one unit mud system for drilling mud cost saving and environment protection.

How HDD Rigs Lay the Pipe Underground

The pipeline is welded at the drilling bit out point and connected to the drilling pipe. Then the HDD rig would pull back the drilling pipe, the pipe also would be pulled into the drilling hole. Thus the pipe is laid without digging a ditch on the ground.

Top HDD Rigs Manufacture and Mud System Supplier

By offering HDD mud system, GN Solids Control get communication with the main HDD rig manufacturer in China and always introduce to the clients. If you have any request for a HDD rig or mud system, please leave a message and we will offer the best service.

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Jun 22

Horizontal directional drilling rig are widely used in oil and gas industry and municipal construction of  trenchless projects such as pipe laying. Offering the top quality HDD mud system is a mission of GN Solisds Control, that is why GN know much about China horizontal directional drilling rig manufacturer. Below is a list for China HDD rig manufacturer, hope could offer you some help in finding the best rig supplier for you.

GN 1000GPM HDD Mud System

Vermeer China is oversea development branch company of Vermeer American. With its machines being used in more than 60 countries, Vermeer involved himself into agriculture, construction,minging, waste material disposal and other industries. Vermeer China located its production base in Beijing and opened offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai to offer service for China Customers. In order to protect the benefit in different countries and detect the machine, each of their machine was installed remote monitoring system.

Huanghai designs and produces machinery for geological exploration, coalbed methane gas technology, engineering foundation pile drilling technology and trenchless pipeline laying technology. Regarding the trenchless technology, Huanghai could offer FDP series Horizontal Directional Drilling rig with pullback force from 150KN to 10450KN.

  • Shanghai Goodeng Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Goodeng)

As a leader of trenchless industry, Goodeng owned its headquater in Shanghai, and established its production base in Jiangsu. With 8 years experience in trenchless industry, Goodeng HDD rigs have eatablished exploits in the project of China gas transporting from west to east, Middle Asia gas pipe laying and China & Burma oil pipe laying.

  • Drillto No-Dig Machinery Co., Ltd (ZT)

Drillto was established as a private company in year of 1999. However, they have started designing HDD machine since 1994. As one of the earliest Horizontal Directional Drilling rig manufacturer in China, Drillto could offer the drilling rig with pullback force from 120KN to 5000KN.

  • DW/TXS Construction Equipment (Beijing)Co., Ltd

DW/TXS was a joint venture between US-based The Charles Machine Works, Inc and Tu Xing Sun No-Dig Tech (Beijing)Co., Ltd. Their DDW series HDD rig’s pullback force range from 100KN to 6000KN.

  • Hunan Changgao Yipin Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (YIPIN)

Originally known as Hunan Yipin Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Changgao Group is one of China’s largest listed companies manufactures various types of YP Series trenchless horizontal directional pipe laying drilling machines range from 20T to 600T.

  •  Xuzhou Xugong Foundation Construction Machinery Co., Ltd (XCMG)

XCMG for your success. XCMG is a famous brand for construction machinery in the world. With the rapidly development of trenchless in China, XCMG also launched its own XZ series Horizontal Directional Drilling rig of pullback force from 100KN to 3000KN.

  • Jiangsu Yukin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd (YUKIN)

Jiangsu Yukin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded on February, 2008, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics Co., Ltd. Relying on the technology research and development force, it is specialized in manufacturing and sales of trenchless equipments, YQ series HDD rig is their main products.

  • Jiangsu Dilong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd (DILONG)

Nanjing Dilong Trenchless Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest companies specializing in the R&D of trenchless technology, as a member of ISTT and CSTT, Dilong has 4 series (DFM, DF, DL and DDL) or more than 10 varieties of products varying from 4t miniature to 400t large-scale drilling machines to meet customers’ different functions.

  • Institute of Exploration Techniques, CAGS (Duo-di GBS)

Affiliated with Institute of Exploration of Techniques, CAGS, Trenchless Tecnnology R&D Center is a constant director of both CSTT and ISTT. Meanwhile, CSTT training center is also located at the R&D center. Early in 1993, it firstly developed the trenchless pipelaying technology in China. Its main HDD rig is GBS series with pullback force from 100KN to 3200KN.

GREAT is young company incorporated by Liuzhou Gurui machinery and Guangxi Guorui Heavy Equipment. Starting in 2011, Great has design and produced GR90 series Horizontal Directional Drilling rig with Pullback force from 180KN to 1540KN.

Many of GN’s customer coming to us for mud system also inquire us about the supplier for Horizontal Directional Drilling rig. GN feel obliged to introduce the better quality supplier for our customer. As a result, some HDD project contractor instructed the rig manufacturer to obtain mud system and make a package for rig, then sell to them together. During the process of offering help to others, GN also get much from it. If any request for HDD mud system, welcome contact with us in any time.

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Sep 06

Horizontal Directionally Drilling (HDD) has proven itself over the last few years to be a very effective technique for the installation of pipelines and other utilities in sensitive or congested areas.      

HDD mud recycling and mixing system

HDD mud recycling and mixing system

Gone are the days when the only option was to tear up the asphalt to lay new underground water, cable, and electric lines in developed areas. Now horizontal directional drilling (also known as trenchless technology and directional boring) goes under roads, driveways, wetlands, and other natural and man-made structures.

HDD history

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