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Oct 27

GN Solids America just finished upgrading the interior part of its Houston warehouse and now all the racks are in position. Now its inventory capacity has increased from 2000 pcs to 6000 pcs. And GN now has many main world famous brand replacement screens, such as MONGOOSE, KING COBRA, FLUID SYSTEMS, DERRICK, and so on.

Screen for Mongoose Shaker 2
GN now can manufacture the full product line in the solid control business area, including the shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump, screw pump and various kinds of tanks. When you need anything in the solid control business, come to GN and this is your one stop shop. GN now also focused on the small consumable parts, such as the shaker screen. Now GN can manufacture all the screens as the composite frame, this screen has many greater features comparing to the old steel frame style. It has longer storage time up to 5 years without corrosion. It’s much lighter than the steel frame, one man can easily handle it on the oilfield and it’s much safer and easier to change it during work. The non blank area it 20% to 30% larger than the old steel frame, which means it will have much more processing capacity. And the wire mesh supplier is the same as the DERRICK, MI SWACO, this can guarantee GN’s screen’ quality will be similar to the OEM’s. But the longevity will be enhanced greatly, even much better than the OEM. And for GN’s screen,  if the API is above 60, there will be 3 layers, but other competitor’s screen will be 3 layers only when the API above 120.


All in all, GN’s screen could be your number one choice and help you saving much more money. But the work performance will not yield a inch. Please log on to our website and send your inquiries to .

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Nov 18

GN Solids Control is the world famous solid control equipment and mud recycling system manufacturer, as its US subsidiary and North American headquarter, GN Solids America will expect large amount of shaker screens coming into the warehouse, most of them will be the replacement screens for DERRICK, MONGOOSE and KING COBRA/VENOM.

As the leading manufacturer for shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, etc, GN’s No. 2 new facility is just into production recently, which will increase its manufacturing capability up to 5000 pieces of shale shaker screens. And from now on, GN will manufacture most of its screens with composite frame, instead of its old metal frame. The new composite frame has some new features and advantages, it is lighter, more endurable, has more non blank area for separation, comparing to metal frame screens, the non blank area will be 10% to 20% larger. From API 60 and above, it will be 3 layers and the screen life will be extended from 300 to 700 hours. And the storage life could be increased to 5 years. And now GN’s shaker screen wire mesh supplier is the same as DERRICK and  MI SWACO. Now GN can manufacture the composite replacement screens for the following brand: Mi Swaco MONGOOSE, Mi Swaco MD-3/MD-2, NOV BRANDT King Cobra, Venom, VSM-300, FSI screen, Derrick 2000. And if your order quantity is large enough, we can specially customize the injection mould dimension for you. And the composite shaker screens could also be repaired, which means it will cost you less money repairing it instead of buying a new one. Now GN can manufacture the screens from API 20 to API 400. Now it’s close to year end, GN also have some year end promotion, welcome to call and ask us about the price.

Welcome to visit our website and get more information, please send your inquiries to .

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Nov 04

GN Solids Control is a specialized manufacturer for solid control equipment and mud recycling system. It was first established in China in 2007, after 10 years development, it has become a world famous company in the solid control area and its product range covers from shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, mud gas separator, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, agitator, vacuum degasser, shear pump, submersible pump, etc. GN can be your one stop shop and solution provider for the solid control business. This year GN increased its manufacturing capability dramatically, its second manufacturing facility can make composite framed screens up to 5000 pieces per month. The new facility adopts the latest technology that can manufacture the screen with high quality at competitive prices

The new composite framed shale shaker screens have the follow features: the steel frame part is welded automatically by robot with higher strength and better quality conformity. The injection molded plastic is mixed with imported fiberglass and it can resists high temperature up to 140 degree, and it’s tougher, more endurable and can work under higher vibration G force. . The heat press of the screens adopts the process of four side tensioning which can minimize the gap between the top and support screens and extend the life of the screens. GN’s shaker screens will be 3 layers with the API number above 60, while other screens manufacturer only use 3 layers until API number above 100. And GN’s mesh supplier is the same as DERRICK and MI SWACO’s. GN’s screen adopts the rectangular wire configuration and the wire is 50% more thicker than the square wire configuration, and it could be used up to 300-700 hours. GN’s composite screens cover GN’S OEM screen, MI SWACO MONGOOSE, BRANDT VENOM, BRANDT KING COBRA, FSI, etc. GN can also customize the screens according to customer’s requirement. All the composite screens are repairable. Comparing to steel framed screens, the non blank area of composite framed screen is 10-20% more. And the composite frame is not easily to get rusted and can be stored up to 5 years.
Welcome to visit our website and get more information, please send your inquiries to

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May 30

About the Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit (shorted as “DCSU”) that manufactured by GN Solids Control, in this article we will mainly introduce its working principle.


Before showing its working principle, firstly let us know its main application and treatment material.

05043_副本Usually, the DCSU is used as the 2nd-step treatment measure with the drilling waste, mainly it is used for treating the drilling cuttings and realize cuttings’ solidification.

During the Drilling Waste Management, the 1st-step is to use the High-G shaker and Centrifuge (for water-based waste); Vertical Cuttings Dryer and Centrifuge (for oil-based waste). After the 1st-step’s treatment, the liquid-content (water, oil) in the drilling cuttings will be decreased effectively.


In order to reduce the cuttings’ hazard to the environment, now the DCSU will be used, here below is its working principle:


  • Drilling Waste Collection hopper collects all the drilling cuttings, then they will be moved to the mixing chamber by the screw conveyor under the hopper. The capacity is based on pre-set.
  • Through the screw conveyor under the cement storage box, the cement is also sent to the mixing chamber based on pre-set capacity;
  • The same for the absorber, which is sent to the mixing chamber by the screw conveyor;
  • On the mixing chamber, there are 2 inlets: 1is for feeding water, the other is for feeding the chemicals;
  • There are high-shear mixer in the mixing chamber, which can mix all the materials sent into the chamber. After the cuttings and other waste are mixed sufficiently with the cement and chemicals, solidification happens and finally they are discharged out from the mixing chamber;


The solidified drilling cuttings can be used as the construction material or the hazard to the environment can be effectively reduced even though the solidified cuttings are disposed directly.


Finally, sincerely welcome to contact us for any need about the equipments or system, GN can make the customized solution for you.



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May 16

In this article, we will introduce the features and advantages of mud cleaner that manufactured by GN Solids Control


Mud Cleaner, 1 of the widely used machines in treating the drilling mud and realize the solid-liquid separation and guarantee the mud can be used again, is one of the most earliest researched out products in GN. It is also 1 of the advantageous products that GN manufactures and sales 250 units per year.


Mud Cleaner is a three in one machine, the shaker, desander, desilter are combined and put together.


Since the 1st unit of mud cleaner was manufactured in GN, actually it also has went through a lot of improvement work. Until now, if the customer has the good advice with the machine, GN will be willing to accept and turn the advice into real change on the machine.


Compared with the mud cleaner manufactured by competitors, GN’s mud cleaner has some features as below,


  1. As in the real work, different customers from different industries have some differential requirements with the mud cleaner, such as for the treatment capacity, the explosion proof requirement, the feeding type, etc.


GN’s mud cleaners have different treatment capacities for customer choice, like 500GPM’s small treatment capacity, 1000GPM’s, 1500GPM’s, etc.


As has different explosion proof standards in countries, GN has the “ExdⅡbt, IEC, ATEX…” Ex standards for customer.


  1. As 1 of the working principles of mud cleaner is to vibrate the mud and make the mud move on the screen by the vibration motor, the vibration strength will be high. In order to ensure the mud cleaner can burden the high vibration strength, the whole deck of mud cleaner is through the high temperature heat treatment to increase its strength.


  1. Duo to the bad work environment and condition, there is high requirement with the machine’s reliability and stability, all of GN’s mud cleaners are equipped with the parts from world famous brands, such as the Martin & Oli for vibration motor, Siemens & Schneider for the electrical components, etc.


Ensure the products with good quality are provided to customer and can create constant value is always the psychology of all GN’s people.


Finally, Welcome to contact us for any need:


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Apr 09

On March 29-31, GN Solids Control successfully attended the global biggest oil equipment exhibition — “2016 CIPPE Exhibition”.


At the exhibition, the products of GN Solids Control experienced the “word of mouth marketing”, let us know more about it in detail.


Now the international crude oil price is low and all the companies in the oil industry are suffering, but that does not mean they will compromise to product quality though they need low cost product.


Now in the world, lots of customers don’t like to use the products made in China, as the product quality they think is bad though the price is low. They would prefer to use the products with high price made in Germany, America and so on, as the product have good quality.


At this exhibition, 1 customer from Phillipines has the need with the solids control equipment like shaker, centrifuge, mud cleaner, but as they used the relative equipment from another manufacture of China before, the result proved to be disappointed.


This time they came to attend the “2016 CIPPE Exhibition” and tried to find other suppliers, but they are still doubtful duo to the previous experience. They came to the booth of GN Solids Control and looked at the products of GN Solids Control.


The customer looked at the Shale Shaker, Centrifuge, Vertical Cuttings Dryer, Jet Mud Mixer, during the communication between the customer with the salesman of GN, the customer asked lots of sharp questions.



Compared with the salesman, they are more willing to believe the other customers.


GN Solids Control has one customer from France and has purchased GN’s products before. This time, the customer came to attend the exhibition and want to place another order on GN Solids Control.


Facing the doubt and sharp questions from the Phillipines’ customer, this France’ customer shared the personal experience and said GN’s products are believable!


The France’s customer gave a detailed comparison between the products of GN Solids Control and other similar manufactures in China. Finally, the Phillipines’ customer showed the trust and interest on GN’s products.


Compared with the salesman, customers are more willing to believe what said by the other customers.


This is the “word of mouth marketing” experience with GN Solids Control!!


Finally, if you have any need with the products used for solids control and drilling waste management, welcome to visit our website and contact us at any time.


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Apr 01

As a world-famous manufacture of solids control equipment & Drilling Waste Mangement, The Desander is one of the main products of GN Solids Control. In this article, we will mainly introduce the knowledge about Desander Model Selection.


As showed in below pictures, they are all the desanders that GN Solids Control supplies.


1). Desander (Drying Shaker not equipped): 

  • the cut point is +40 microns;
  • the “Cone QTY” is optional according required capacity;
  • the cone size is 10”, treatment capacity of each cone is  120m³/h;


2). Desander (Drying Shaker equipped);

  • Shaker is used for drying the solid-phase discharged from the nozzle. More dryer solid-phase can be gotten and the liquid-phase could be recycled;
  • Compact structure, the Assy could be devided into Desander and Shaker conveniently;


3). Mud Cleaner (Desilter & Desander & Drying Shaker three-in-one machine)

  • Desander is used for sperating out the solid-phase +40 microns;
  • Desilter is used for separating out the solid-pahse +20 microns. Its “Cone QTY” is also optional, the cone size is 4”, treatment capacity of each cone is  20m³/h.
  • Shaker is used for drying the solid-phase descharged from both nozzles of Desander and Desilter;


When customer inquires the Desander, below info is needed to let the manufacture know so that the proper model of desander could be recommended and could meet the actual demand.


1). How much is the treatment capacity that needed?


2). How is the expected treatment effect? Such as the “cut point”, “liquid content in solid particles”, etc.

Note: The Drying Shaker could effectively reduce the liquid-content in discharged solid particles, so the shaker needs to be equipped if the customer wants to get much more dryer solid particles.  


3). the actual “Working Process introduction” about “treating the drilling mud”, it will be important for the manufacture has a clear understanding about the desander’s application, etc.


Finally, if you want to learn more about the Desander manufactured by GN Solids Control, welcome to visit our website and contact us.




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Mar 11

As a top manufacture of complete line of solids control equipment, GN Solids Control has been constantly expanding its global business. The market position of GN Solids Control is to face the middle and high-end global customers, and compete with Derrick, Swaco, etc.


030206 In order to expand the influence in drilling fields and let many more global clients learn about GN Solids Control. GN Solids Control attends the exhibitions frequently. According to the schedule, GN Solids Control will attend the 2016 Russia MIOGE Exhibition, 


  1. The date is April 18-21;
  2. The booth of GN Solids Control is Pavilion-2, Hall-5, C 40.
  3. The location is EXPOCENTER, Moscow, Russia


The main equipment that GN Solids Control plans to show at this exhibition are,

  1. Vertical Cuttings Dryer, Model: GNCD930D;
  2. Decanter Centrifuge, Model: GNGNLW363C
  3. Mud Cleaner, Model:  GNZS594E-3S16N

Here sincerely invite all the global customers to attend the exhibition and visit the booth of GN Solids Control.


Meanwhile, for the equipment that will be showed on the exhibition, GN Solids Control also sincerely welcome the interested clients to contact us and book them in advance. We ensure the price will be favorable.


See you in 2016 Russia MIOGE Exhibition.


Remark: The Russia MIOGE Exhibition, Beijing CIPPLE Exhibition, HOUSTON OTC Exhibition are 3 of the most famous exhibitions in the OIL & Gas Fields. In the past years, GN Solids Control has kept attending the 3 well-known exhibitions.

Despite the oil price is low, GN Solids Control will try its best to manufacture & provide the best products with good quality & rational price to global clients. To create value and save cost is the goal of GN Solids Control.


Finally, if you want to learn more about the mud system manufactured by GN Solids Control, welcome to visit our website and contact us.


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Feb 16

In this article, we will mainly introduce the application about the Packaged Drilling Cuttings Management System manufactured by GN Solids Control.


As showed in the above picture, the solid particles in the drilling fluids are continuously separated out by shaker, mud cleaner and some other solids control equipment at the well site when the drilling rig is working, these separated solid particles will be as the drilling waste and saved in the mud tank. As being limited by various conditions at the well site and environment protection, usually the drilling waste will be transported to the special factory for further treatment.


The treatment includes,

  • Effectively reducing the water content or oil content in the drilling waste, finally the solid particles could be made as construction material, reducing the environmental hazard;
  • The clean fluids could be recycled and go back to the active mud system, reducing the operation cost.


Vertical Cuttings Dryer, High-G shaker and Decanter Centrifuge are frequently used for treating the drilling fluids, as the leader for manufacturing these equipment, The Packaged Drilling Waste Management System manufactured by GN is also popular by the customers from global market.



The key features of GN’s drilling waste management system are as below,

  • it could be used for treating not only the oil-based drilling waste, but also the Synthetic-based and water-based drilling waste.

1).The High-G shaker and Centrifuge are matched for treating the water-based drilling waste;

2). The Vertical Cutting Dryer and Centrifuge are matched for treating the oil-based and synthetic-based drilling waste.

  •  Customized design. Based on the actual demand of customer, GN could provide the most optimal technical solution and economic configurations;
  • Fast movement. All the equipment and tanks are put on 1 skid, which could be skid-mounted, trailer-mounted, hydraulic lifting for fast moving.


If you want to know about GN’s Desilter, Welcome to visit GN’s website and contact us.

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Jan 11

The GND series is a high performance desander that consists of Shaker, Desander cyclone, slurry pump, mud tank. The machine is designed for piling ,Slurry shield tunnelling, etc. GND series Desander has three standard models which each has capacity 50m3/h, 120m3/h,240m3/h.

Working Process



The slurry pump sucked the mud from the Sediment Basins or mud compartment, then enter into bottom shaker through inlet pipe, the particle size which is larger than 0.5mm will be separated out and flow to mud storage tank, The slurry pump feed mud from mud storage tank to hydrocyclone.the underlfow of hydrocyclone discharged to upper shaker . after dewatering process of the upper shaker, The dry solids wwas separated out. The overflow from hydrocyclone entered
clean mud storage tank.


1.High mud handling capacity, sand can be removed efficiently.

2.The shaker screen has many advantages such as easy operation, low trouble rate, convenient installation and maintenance.

3.The adjustable vibrating force, angle and mesh size of the shaker enable the equipment possess a high screening efficiency in all kind of strata.

4.The high screening efficiency of the machine can excellently support drillers raise bore and advance in different strata.

5.Energy saving efficiency is significant since the power consumption of the oscillating motor is low.

GN Solids Control is the first API certified Solids Control Equipments manufacturer in China. We can offer mud recycling system for Oil/gas drilling, HDD,CBM drilling and Pilling. For more information of GND series desander , Please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.

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