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Nov 04

GN Solids Control is a specialized manufacturer for solid control equipment and mud recycling system. It was first established in China in 2007, after 10 years development, it has become a world famous company in the solid control area and its product range covers from shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, mud gas separator, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, agitator, vacuum degasser, shear pump, submersible pump, etc. GN can be your one stop shop and solution provider for the solid control business. This year GN increased its manufacturing capability dramatically, its second manufacturing facility can make composite framed screens up to 5000 pieces per month. The new facility adopts the latest technology that can manufacture the screen with high quality at competitive prices

The new composite framed shale shaker screens have the follow features: the steel frame part is welded automatically by robot with higher strength and better quality conformity. The injection molded plastic is mixed with imported fiberglass and it can resists high temperature up to 140 degree, and it’s tougher, more endurable and can work under higher vibration G force. . The heat press of the screens adopts the process of four side tensioning which can minimize the gap between the top and support screens and extend the life of the screens. GN’s shaker screens will be 3 layers with the API number above 60, while other screens manufacturer only use 3 layers until API number above 100. And GN’s mesh supplier is the same as DERRICK and MI SWACO’s. GN’s screen adopts the rectangular wire configuration and the wire is 50% more thicker than the square wire configuration, and it could be used up to 300-700 hours. GN’s composite screens cover GN’S OEM screen, MI SWACO MONGOOSE, BRANDT VENOM, BRANDT KING COBRA, FSI, etc. GN can also customize the screens according to customer’s requirement. All the composite screens are repairable. Comparing to steel framed screens, the non blank area of composite framed screen is 10-20% more. And the composite frame is not easily to get rusted and can be stored up to 5 years.
Welcome to visit our website www.gnsolidsamerica.com and get more information, please send your inquiries to [email protected]

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Apr 09

On March 29-31, GN Solids Control successfully attended the global biggest oil equipment exhibition — “2016 CIPPE Exhibition”.


At the exhibition, the products of GN Solids Control experienced the “word of mouth marketing”, let us know more about it in detail.


Now the international crude oil price is low and all the companies in the oil industry are suffering, but that does not mean they will compromise to product quality though they need low cost product.


Now in the world, lots of customers don’t like to use the products made in China, as the product quality they think is bad though the price is low. They would prefer to use the products with high price made in Germany, America and so on, as the product have good quality.


At this exhibition, 1 customer from Phillipines has the need with the solids control equipment like shaker, centrifuge, mud cleaner, but as they used the relative equipment from another manufacture of China before, the result proved to be disappointed.


This time they came to attend the “2016 CIPPE Exhibition” and tried to find other suppliers, but they are still doubtful duo to the previous experience. They came to the booth of GN Solids Control and looked at the products of GN Solids Control.


The customer looked at the Shale Shaker, Centrifuge, Vertical Cuttings Dryer, Jet Mud Mixer, during the communication between the customer with the salesman of GN, the customer asked lots of sharp questions.



Compared with the salesman, they are more willing to believe the other customers.


GN Solids Control has one customer from France and has purchased GN’s products before. This time, the customer came to attend the exhibition and want to place another order on GN Solids Control.


Facing the doubt and sharp questions from the Phillipines’ customer, this France’ customer shared the personal experience and said GN’s products are believable!


The France’s customer gave a detailed comparison between the products of GN Solids Control and other similar manufactures in China. Finally, the Phillipines’ customer showed the trust and interest on GN’s products.


Compared with the salesman, customers are more willing to believe what said by the other customers.


This is the “word of mouth marketing” experience with GN Solids Control!!


Finally, if you have any need with the products used for solids control and drilling waste management, welcome to visit our website and contact us at any time.


Email:[email protected]

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Jan 21

Desilter, which is another kind of solids control equipment for treating the drilling fluid. In this article, we will mainly introduce the Desilter made by GN Solids Control.

Actually compared with the desander, the desilter has the same working principle, similar structure and different configurations for customer option.

GN Desilter

GN Desilter


Usually desilter is matched together with the shale shaker and desander and used for doing the 3rd-stage separation with the drilling fluid.

Most of the big sizes of drilling cuttings over 40μm will be separated after being treated by the shale shaker and desander. In next step the drilling fluid goes into the desilter and most of the solid particles over 20μm are separated out from the fluid and the drilling fluid become much more clear.

The main part of desilter is also the hydrocyclones, but the size is different with the desander’s. Each hydrocyclone used on GN’s Desilter are 4 inches and its standard treatment capacity is 20m³/h. Usually 8 units, 12 units or 16 units of hydrocyclone are standard configuration on GN’s Desilter, the corresponding standard treatment capacity is 120m³/h, 240m³/h and 360m³/h. It is also customized and the customer could choose specific quantity of hydrocyclone for different treatment capacity.  Continue reading »

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Jul 07

GN now is the only one Solids Control equipments manufacturer in China who could offer both the Verti G Cutting Drier and Hi G Drier for drilling waste management. Catering to the market request and perfecting own design make GN a leader in China solids control field, and the coming for GN’s independent design and development of Verti G Cutting Drier prove that.

GN Verti G Cutting Drier


Comparing with Verti G Cutting Drier & Hi G Drier


  •   Separation for Solid and Liquid – remove the drilling cuttings out of the drilling fluids.


  • Shape Design – Verti G Cutting Drier is designed as a round can with the inlet on top of the can. After treatment in the Verti G Cutting Drier, the waste and clean fluids will respectively out of the equipments from the opening at the bottom and flank side. While the Hi G Drier is same design with general shale shaker, just bigger and application of larger power vibration motor.
  • Screen – Verti G Cutting Drier use aperture screen while the mesh screen for Hi G Drier.
  • Separation Principle – Verti G Cutting Drier separate the cuttings by using a rotating device in the round can, the rotating device is round covered by aperture screen, under the function of centrifugal force, the fluids would go through the screen, but the cuttings is blocked. Another hand, In the shaker deck for Hi G Drier, under the vibrating force, the fluids go through the mesh screen, while the waste moves forward then will be discharged out of the deck.
  • Applicable Drilling Mud – Verti G Cutting Drier is used for oil based mud while the Hi G Drier suitable for water based mud.

Features of GN Verti G Cutting Drier & Hi G Drier

  • GN Verti G Cutting Drier is of maxmimum rotating speed of 900RPM, and Variable speed design available. The material of the rotating bowl is stainless steel, the waste discharge opening is protected by Tungsten carbid. Moreover, GN Verti G Cutting Drier has a individual oil lubrication system with automatic alarm for pressure limit.
  • GN Hi G Driermade a large change in Design by changing 4 panel small area screen to 3 panel large area screen so that the effective working area increased much. Long distance of treatment and 7.5 G High G force make GN Hi G Drier more efficient.

    GN Hi G Drier

GN Verti G Cutting Drier & Hi G Drier for drilling waste management not only stay design stage, they have already been delivered to our customer in actual application and the feedback is good. Welcome contact with GN team for more information about Verti G Cutting Drier & Hi G Drier, we will offer you a satisfactory solution as per your requirements.

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Jun 15

GN shale shaker is one of the main equipments in GN’s products line. It is widely used in all GN mud recycling systems for oil drilling and HDD. As a spare part of shale shaker, the shaker screen determines the shale shaker performance to some extend.

Wedge block to fasten the shaker screen

GN shale shaker screen is installed and removed by fastening and loosen the polyurethane wedge block. Fixing one pc screen need 2 pcs wedge blocks on either side of the shaker deck. The wedge block is wedged into the slot produced by a piece welded angle stell.
When replace the shaker screen, just need loosen the wedge blocks. It is bery easy and time saving which greatly increase the working efficience.

GN Shaker Rubber Gaskets for Screen Protection


Rubber gaskets to protect the shaker screen

When operating the shale shaker, the high G vibration force produced by the vibration motor also make the screen shake up and down. In order to reduce the shakeing force functioned on the screen, we stick rubber strip on the screen frame. Besides this, GN Shale shaker also has the screen supporting steel beam according the screen frame as well as the rubber gaskets on the shaker deck. All above has greatly increase the impact resistance of the shaker screen and extended the screen life.

The above mentioned shale shaker screen installation design features all source from our customer’s feedback, that is why GN could keep growing and win more and more trust from customer. If you want to learn more about GN Solids Control equipments, welcome contact with us.

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May 19

Shaker screen is one type wear parts for shale shaker and mud cleaner, every shale shaker manufacturer has their own screen, and different manufacture has different technology in producing the screen.

Mongoose Steel Frame Screen

for drilling mud solids control, mesh screen is installed on the first stage solids control equipments shale shaker used to separate out the large size drilling cutting, while on the mud cleaner, the mesh screen functioned samely, just the screen mesh is more fine.

Composite material screen

GN Solids Control, as a professional mud solids control solution supplier, could offer produce mesh screen according to API RP 13C standard. Besides the mesh screen for GN shaker, GN also supply replacement mesh screen for other famous brand like Derrick, MI-swaco, Brandt etc.
If any need for mesh screen, welcome contact with GN for a quotation and brochure.

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Apr 09

Our esteemed clients inquiry for GNTJ60 Mud Cleaner & ZQJ300S desander, and would like to know more details about them.

GNTJ60 Mud Cleaner is the smallest mud cleaner in GNZJ&GNPJ series mud cleaner. Its treating capacity is less than 60m3/h(equal to 264GPM), it adopts 4pcs 4″ desilter cone and 1pc 8″ desander cone, it depends on the exact treating capacity you required. The cone number can be customized, for example,4″ desilter cones =12~15 m3/h,  once you less a cone, the treating capacity will less 12~15 m3/h, so you can dicede by yourself.  

The material of GN mud cleaner:

Desilter Cones Material:100%PU

Vibrating Motor:Italy OLI

Connecting Bolts:SS304

Painting:Japan (Kansai Paint Co.,Ltd)

Electric components:SIEMENS

ZQJ300S desander is the largest desander in GN ZQJ series desander, its treating capacity is 240m3/h(equal to 1056GPM), it adopts 1~2pcs 12″ desander cone, 12″ cone =120m3/h, it means that if you choose one 12″ cone, the treating capacity of the desander is 120m3/h, if you choose 2pcs 12″ cone, the treating capacity is 240m3/h. It can be customized.

It can separate 47~76 μm particles, the screen area is 1.0m2. If there is no “S” in the model No., it means no under fluids shaker. Our Kuwait clients have bought 5 sets of desander and desilter but without under fluids shaker.

If you need further infomation about our products, pls visit GN solids control,

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