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Dec 09
Centrifugal Pump with Control Panel

Centrifugal Pump with Control Panel

Shortly before,we sent one set SB6x5-12 centrifugal pump with control panel to our Indonesia customer. They are a drilling company, and have their mud recycling system on their work site. After find our products from the internet website, they contact with us and plan to have a try for our products. Happend to that they need a charge pump for their 44OHP mud pump. After some communication on the phone and through the mail, and their once visit to our factory, they placed the order.

This set SB6x5-12 centrifugal pump is consist of Pump head, 37KW electric motor, independent control box.  All the parts are mounted on a skid. Comparing with our usual installation, we did’t weld the the control panel fixed on the skip, but bolt it so that it could be uninstalled easily.
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Jun 23

Drilling mud centrifugal pump work

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Centrifugal pump working feature

Drilling fluid pump is one special pump in centrifugal pump. We also call it as sand pump. It is mainly used to transfer drilling flfuid for desander, desilter, and provide sufficient power for mixing drilling fluid.

As we know, drilling mud centrifugal pump is processing drilling fluid with various solid particle and chemical. It is mainly suspending liquid then the pump impeller and casing should be more durable and high anticorrosive capability
The pump working condition is rather hard will transfer drilling fluid with solid in long term. We need the bearing seal is very reliable and steady.

Meanwhile, the medium has corrosion feature the inner seal will be broken more or less. Then shorten pump usable life and decrease efficiency. We must provide convenience for adjusting impeller and front cover space to decrease leakage

Furthermore, we should consider drilling fluid centrifugal pump should have proper pressure and match well with hydrocyclone separator(desander cone,desilter cone, mud mixing system)

Drilling mud centrifugal pump

Drilling mud centrifugal pump

Driling mud centrifugal pump specs

Centrifugal pump is high speed, compact, light weight, high efficiency, large flow rate, reliable operation, easy maintenance, etc. superiority. The main parameter incuding head, flow rate, speed and power

About the head, simply speaking is how high can pump lift the water. Then the flow rate, it means in certain time how much drilling mud will be discharged.


Drilling mud centrifugal pump principle

Centrifugal pump is combined with impeller and casing. Drilling fluid will be sucted from impeller side, when impeller rotates at high speed there will be centrifugal force and gain power or pressure. Then fluid flow through impeller path will produce pressure out. The drilling mud will come out under certain pressure.

If centrifugal pump is feeding pump for hydrocyclone separator the drilling mud will flow into cones under pressure and get a screw to separate larger particles out. If the pump is only transfering pump or for mixing system the pressure will ensure the sufficient motivity and flow rate

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May 19

As a desander and desilter manufacturer,we also make feeding centrifugal pumps for feeding the hydrocyclones.As required by clients,sometimes we offer centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals.

The advantages of mechanical seals centrifugal pump over compression packing or glands are:

Desander Desilter Feeding Pump

Desander Desilter Feeding Pump

1) Mechanical seals  ensures sand pump almost zero or very little (as per the regulations) leakage of the fluid from the pump casing to the surroundings.

2) The mechanical seals pump can sustain high pressures of the fluids and highly corrosive fluids. There is always some leakage from the compressible packing and sometimes they tend to fail under the deteriorating effects of the chemicals, but such problems do not occur with the mechanical seals.

3) There is no friction between the moving parts of the mechanical seal so there is no extra power consumption by the centrifugal pump. Continue reading »

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Apr 12

Our “dredge slurry separation system” and ” waste mud treatment system” used together to process the highly polluted river.

we called  “dredge slurry separation system” as A, ” waste mud treatment system” as B.
dredge slurry separation system

dredge slurry separation system

 Work principle of the dredge slurry separation system &  waste mud treatment system
A sucked the sludge and separate the solids from the sludge. A including shale shaker(the first phase solids control), desander(the second phase solids control), desilter(the third phase solids control), etc.
 GN2000 Dredged Slurry Separation System including linear motion shale shaker 2sets,mud cleaner 4sets, sand pump 2sets,agitator 2sets,Automatic liquid-level control device 2sets, circulation tank 1sets, electric control system 1set, lighting system 3sets, walkway,stair,guard rail,valve, pipeline 1set, etc.
1 The solids from shale shaker(maybe including some junk) should be dumping or smashed to use for foundation soil.
2 The solids from desander will be through curing process, to used for foundation soil or building construction materials(such as Brick ). Continue reading »

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