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Jan 21

In piling construction industry mud cleaner with desander or desilter and shale shaker is also a very important part for clients to recycling the piling drilling mud,bentonite.

Following is cilents inquiry for desander desilter for piling drilling mud recycling:

We are a construction company specialized in pile drilling. We are executing construction of piles of 2000mm diameter and 54meter depth. Please suggest equipment for following purpose;
Please find below the purpose of purchasing equipment and our concerns;

  1. Clean and wash the Pile drilling hole after completing drilling from solids& cutting materials
    Piling Desander

    Piling Desander

  2. Reuse the drilling fluid(bentonite mixed) for other drilling.
  3. The required rate of cleaning may be 90 m3/hr. (may be Model :GNZJ83-2 Mud Cleaner with desander and desilter)
  4. The Piling drill depth is 54 meter.Do we also need submersible pump to feed the mud cleaner? or some other arrangement?
  5. Please send the operational procedure of the mud cleaning.

    GN proposed mud cleaner is with desander and shale shaker combined unit.

Model:    GN100 Desander Unit
Treating capacity:100m3/h
Separation particle size:≥74μm
Vibrating motor    Pump motor
Desander cone:FX200 x2
Desander unit Weight:2000kgs Continue reading »

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