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May 27

Gas buster is the vacuum degasser or called atmopheric degasser. It is widely used in oil drilling rig solids control system. Also in CBM exploration project, etc.


Brief introduction on Gas Buster

1. Main function

The gas buster can be used to achieve 3 main functions. Get rid of invaded gas or air, including CO2, H2S, methane, etc. Make some processing on drilling mud or drilling fluid, such as mixing, returning mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity.

At the same time gas buster/vacuum degasser can be used as a heavy-power agitator and supported applicable to all types of mud circulation purification system.

2. How gas buster achieve function

We achieve the application by one main vessel, internal blades in vessel, two motors, vacuum pump, one control panel, etc. The principle is vacuum pressure to help invaded gas run out easily.

Oil Drilling Rig Gas Buster

Oil Drilling Rig Gas Buster

Gas buster wide usage

As we talked just now, the gas buster can be used widely in various well drilling. Not only for oil drilling rig mud process. But also can be used for large HDD drilling rig mud receovery, CSM drilling, mining industry, etc.

Usually, we set gas buster or atmopheric before shale shaker. We ever discussed on oil drilling rig mud ciruclation system. We can call drilling mud process system as 4-phase solids control system or 5-phase drilling mud purification unit. Since we have vacuum degasser.

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