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Dec 21

Nowadays, the most popularly used oilfield shale shaker are BEM(Balanced Elliptical Motion) and Linear Motion. In China, GN Solids Control is the first one who got the API Certificate for producing shale shaker and other drilling fluids recycling equipments for oilfield application.

 Linear Motion Shale Shaker

Linear Motion Shale Shaker

When need shale shaker BEM or Linear Motion

Usually, shale shaker is used as the first stage drilling fluids recycling equipments in the Mud System, and the drilling fluids with cuttings flow into the shaker distribution box through rig elevated manifold.

  • Linear Motion – for fast conveyance and heavy loading

Linear motion shaker is especially effective while drilling top hole sectiong where heavy, high volume solids are usually encountered. In these intervals, shakers need to generate high G forces to effectively move dense solids across the screens.

  • BEM – for maximum retention time and drier cuttings

The BEM type shale shaker has gentler reduced G force, and the special vibration mode make the solids stay on the screen for longer time. This results in drier solids, improved drilling-fuid recovery, longer screen life and reduced operation costs.

BEM Shale Shaker Manufacturer

MI Swaco, a Schlumberger company, could offer the Mongoose PT daul motion shale shaker which could be adjust the vibration mode from linear motion to BEM “on the fly” by fliping the switch without suspending or shutting down the operation.
GN Solids Control, only foucs on International market and high level domestic market, could offer both the Linear motion and BEM shale shaker used in not only Oilfield, but also the HDD & CBM.  The simple structure design and top quality make GN get more and more praise from our customer.
Mongoose daul motion shale shaker by using an extra 0.6hp vibration motor to allow the shaker perform on an unparalleled level, GN’s BEM shaker is using 2 units motor with different power.

Comparing with BEM shaker, Linear motion is more acceptable due to the mature technical and large quantity oilfield application experiencies. GN Solids Control would be your reliable supplier for solids control equipments once you have any request aroused.

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Dec 07

High Speed centrifuge is used very often in Indonesia oilfield drilling waste management project.The contractors are always oilfield service company or who is in the industry of environment protection. The regulation for reducing harmful waste discharge stimulated the contractor to recover as much drilling mud as possible.

GN Centrifuge for Drilling Waste

GN High Speed Centrifuge for Drilling Waste

The most popular model centrifuge for drilling waste in GN is GNLW363 which has the similar parameters with the centrifuge of Derrick DE1000, Brandt HS3400 and Mi-Swaco 518.
With bowl diameter of 14″ and length 50″, GNLW363 make sure the solid discharges more dryer.
In order to meet the customer’s demand for adjusting the drilling waste feeding speed to the centrifuge. GLW363VFD would be better choice.  GLW363FVD is always delivered together with 1 unit mono pump as the VFD control panel offered is Three-Variable-Speed for the centrifuge main motor, auxiliary motor and momp pump motor. You could adjust treating capacity by adjusting the speed of the motor.

GN High Speed Centrifuge Advantage

Screw Propeller Tungsten Cabide Tile Protection


  • Normal 3200RPM operation speed and G force 3000
  • The fluids touch part like screw propeller and bowl is made of SS316
  • Tungsten cabide tile for screw propeller and solids discharge port protection
  • Bearing from SKF and Siemens electric components for long lifetime and easy to get all around the world for maintenance convenient
  • VFD adopt positive pressure control and control panel from China top supplier
  • Various belt wheel available and easy for changing

GN Centrifuge for Drilling Waste World Customer

By now, the customers who foucs on drilling waste management coming from Indonesia, South America, Russia, Middle East
and North Africa has all already equiped with GN high speed centrifuge. Welcome contact with GN Solids Control for more
information on the centrifuge and other solids control equipments.

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Jun 08

There are some types of expensive additives and chemicals in the drilling mud which make the drilling mud high cost and environmental halmful. So, how to separate the drilling cuttings from the drilling mud to make the drilling mud recyclable become a concern attracts more attention.

The principle of Separating the drilling cutting

The basic theory of separating the drilling cutting is Solids Control. The solids control in oil drilling refers to remove the solid particals from the drilling fluids. Drilling cuttings is separated as solid particals step by step by some physical and chemicals methods.

Drilling Cutting Separating System


Drilling cuttings separating equipments

In each step of separating the drilling cuttings, we would involve one type separating equipments that are also called Solids Control Equipments.

Take the oil drilling cuttings separating as an example, we could meet some separating equipments below:
Shale shaker – which is matched with fine mesh screen to separate the cuttings of size large than 400 microns.
Mud cleaner – the polyurethane material cyclone could separate the drilling cuttings with size mimimum to 15 microns.
Decanting Centrifuge – in order to meet the high level demand of drilling mud for oil drilling, the drilling cuttings is of size several microns must be separated out from the mud. By using the centrifugal sedimentation principle, the centrifuge could complete the mission of separating the drilling cuttings at maximumly.

GN High Speed Decanting Centrifuge

After treatment by the centrifuge, almost all the drilling cuttings would be separated out from the drilling mud, now the active mud could be reinject into the drilling hole to make next circle. Sometimes, the active mud need to be added some additives which have run off when separating the drilling cuttings.
The above is a common process of how to separate the drilling cuttings from drilling mud, hope it’s useful to you.

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Mar 10

In 1 set complete drilling mud cleaning system, we could find six pipeline system. They are Overflow launder pipeline, clean water pipeline, mud gun pipeline, active mud suction pipeline, mud mixing pipeline and drilling hole mud replenishment pipeline.

Overflow launder pipeline is the most important pipeline in the mud system. From the Shale shaker compartment fo the tank, there will be a launder uphill through the desander tank, desilter tank in order to prevent the drilling mud overflow out of the tank.

The clean water pipeline is used to clean the tank, it is connected with the clean water tank or a water faucet and installed opening controled by valve in each tank.

Mud gun is always powered by mud pump in a mud system for oil drilling rig. The high pressure could transfer the active mud to each tank from the begainning of the desilter tank to make the replenishment or prevent the mud sediment. While in small mud systme, the mud gun often powered by mixing pump. Some mud system will have a trip tank, also we will install mud gun there.

In large mud system, mud pump could suction the active mud from every tank behind the desander tank. All the tanks storaging active mud is connected by the mud suction pipeline.

Mud mixing pump is used to mix the drilling mud in the tanks. Where there is the active mud in the tank, the mixing pump could suction it, after treatment by adding some drilling chemical then transfer them back by mud mixing pipeline.

the drilling hole mud replenishment pipeline is connected to wellhead, when the drilling bit raise out of the hoel, the drilling mud will be pump into the drilling hole to keep the well pressure and protect the well wall. When the drilling pit again down, the drilling mud will backflow to the trip tank.

The above mentioned six pipeline system could be find in 1 set complete large mud system and all of them functioned irreplaceable. Welcome for your comments and let’s learn it together

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