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Aug 20

GN can produce 4 inch mud hopper(500x500mm), 6 inch mud hopper(600x600mm,750x750mm), usually we assembly the mixing pump and mud hopper together as a jet mixing unit. It is widely used in our HDD system. A butterfly valve is incorporated in the neck of the hopper to adjust flow and to close off the hopper after use.

mud hopper

mud hopper

 Mud hopper usually used in mud mixing pump, High shearing mixer. Or as separated device matched with pump for bentonite configuration and mixing in mud mixing system. The working condition of mud hopper usually is mud density 1.5~2.8g/cm3, while mud viscosity is 60~120s. This is usual working condition to provide better performance as well as longer use life to save total cost on drilling.

GN mud mixing hopper are widely used in HDD(horizontal directional drilling) and oil gas drilling for bentonite mixing.Mud Mixing unit is combination of drilling mud hopper and centrifugal pumps,it’s mixing force comes from the centrifugal pump.

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Jun 09

We use a mud mixing hopper, mixing pump, mixing tank and agitators as a mud mixing system. Some times we only supply the material and equipments, client can choose to make the tank by themselves.

GN manufactured many mud mixing system for worldwide clients. Usually we sell mud mixing system, mud recycling system, mud storage tank together to the client, but there are also some clients need mud cleaning unit. Whatever system it is, we can design the equipments according to the client’s requirement.

Venturi hopper is one of the main equipments in the system.

mud mixing system

mud mixing system

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