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Sep 14

As GN are providing more and more turnkey solutions for clients, more and more inquires or orders are received from abroad to ask for technical solutions for their problems met in drilling.
Lately GN got one inquiry from abroad about rig repairing system. For GN technical engineers, this set of system is one of the common systems that they had designed and manufactured many sets before.
This set of system consists of the following part:
1. The fisrt part is shale shaker tank.
To meet this client’s demands, GN recommend to use two sets of Double Shale Shaker, which type is GNZS594E-HB, also including one set of Desander and Desilter. By using two sets of Centrifugal Pump and one mud gun as well as one mud agitator, GN has fully make use of the room to providing larger compartments for client.

Hi-G dryer shaker

Hi-G dryer shaker

2. The second part is mix tank.
This mixing tank is quite simple compared with the shale shaker tank, it’s including one Jet Mud Mixer, three Mud Agitators, as well as three Mud Guns.
Regarding to this system, GN Double Shale Shaker is one of the cutting advantages. Manual shaker deck angle adjustable while working, mechanical deck angle adjustment for backup application. Patent tighten rubber sealing for shaker deck and screen, long life and easy replacement. Shaker bottom deck made from stainless stell for long life. Heat treatment on complete shaker deck for High G force operation. Pretensioned Shaker screen for fast screen replacement. Famous Brand Vibration Motors: IEC Ex, ATEX and UL certified. Feeding type including Weir Feed, Top Feed, and Hopper Feed are flexible for different applications.
For every client, there are some specific demands on rig repairing system. GN engineers always try their best to meet their needs.

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Mar 03

In mud systerm, we often see the mud gun installed inner the mud tank. Though it is structural simple, it plays an irreplaceable role in mud system.

GN mud gun

First, it always applied together with mud agitator to prevent the mud precipitating so that the homogeneous mud could be transfered or treated. Mud gun could spray the mud to the tank corner which the agitator can’t reach.
Secondly, the active mud could be added in the selected tank through the mud gun pipeline.

In different mud system, the power source of mud gun is different either. In general condition, for the mud system for oil drilling rig and workover rig, the mud gun often powered by mud pump, the pressure is higher. While in small mud system for HDD and CBM, no need for the mud pump. Therefore, the mixing pump will be used as the mud gun source.  correspondingly, the pressure is lower.
We should choose the mud gun according to the pressure.

Sometime, if the space in the tank is not large, we only choose one of the mud gun and agitator, it all depends on our purpose. For example, in the small pill tank, we only install one unit mud agitator.

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Sep 14

The mud tank jet mixer on a separate skid connected with the mud tank(storage tank or mixing tank), it has two functions, one is mixing, the other one is agitating. Sometimes you can use the storage tank as mixing tank, one more mixing tank for mud mixing system is also feasible.

 How is the bentonite mud mixer to ensure the correct quantity / consistency of bentonite to water is achieved ?

1,For mixing, firstly, water tanks are filled up, then adding bentonite from the hopper, the mixing system mix the bentonite and fluids from the pump, then goes from the blue pipe into the tank.

mud tank jet mixer

mud tank jet mixer

Before you mix the bentonite, you must know the viscosity and density of you demand, for example , you need 20m3 fluids, and density is 1.8G, you can calculate how much bentonite powder and how much water you need, then you prepare for the correct qty water and bentonite powder.

 Firstly you can put the water into the mixing tank, then add the bentonite powder through the jet mixer,the powder will enter into the mixing tank , they will mix together by the mud agitator.

2,For agitating mud,shut off the valve of the  blue pipe line which links to the tank top side(as in pics),and open the valve of the black tube(which links to the mud gun pipe line),the with the mud gun jet mixing pressure for mud agitating in the tanks.

Another way is to put the mud tank jet mixer on the skid of the tank, it is convenient for transportation, and easy for operation.

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