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Jul 21

GN Solids America facility was first established in 2014 in Houston, TX. The facility is a multi functional with office, assembly center and spare parts center. The facility takes about 30,000 square feet. This office is the first overseas subsidiary for GN Solids Control and is performing the function as sales, after market service and warehousing.

Screen for Mongoose Shaker 2
Now in GN Solids America warehouse, there is plenty of shaker screen in stock. There are many types of screen there, such as the GN own brand GNZS series, replacement screens  for MI-SWACO MONGOOSE PRO, MONGOOSE PT and MEERKAT, ALS, BEM; replacement screens for DERRICK FLC 2000, FLC 500, DP 600, and hyperpool; replacement screens for NOV Brandt Cobra, King Cobra, Mini Cobra, Venom, LCM-2D, LCM-3D, VSM 300 series( include scalping, primary and secondary) and replacement screen for some other popular brand, such as Fluid System. GN Solids control can manufacture many types of screen, such as the composite frame, metal frame, soft hook strip and hard hook strip. The screen could be flat or pyramid according to customer’s requirement. The screen could be 2 layers or 3 layers depending on the customer’s requirement for the API number. The screen surface are made of stainless steel, usually use SS304 or SS316. This material can make the screen more endurable and work for longer time. GN can manufacture the screen from API 20 to API 400. GN Solids Control’s 2nd manufacturing facility is in production now. It will be about to produce about 5000 pieces of screens monthly. The screen frame will be mainly composite material. GN recommends our customer to use composite frame shaker screens because it’s lighter, has longer usage life, corrosion resistant and has larger non-blank area. Now GN screens have been sold to global market, we hope to get your inquiry soon.


In order to give the customers the fastest lead time, now in GN’s warehouse in Houston, there are over 2000 pieces of shaker screens, 9 units of shale shakers, 1 set of cutting dryer, 3 sets of decanter centrifuge and 4 sets of mud cleaner, and also plenty of spare parts for equipment.
Welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to [email protected]

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Oct 20

1. To make sure the operation of the shale shaker and normal usage life on screen, the operator need to make sure parts like wedges, screw cap bolt and springs on the shale shaker are installed correctly with no signs of wrongdoing. The operator installs the screens according the operation manual provide it from the seller.
2. To get full usage of the pre-tension shale shaker screen, operator need to ensure the rubber parts of the shale shaker is fully intact and show no sign of damage. Shale shaker screen is wear and tear parts and it will be needed for replacement after normal usage. If wear-down speed is faster than normal, then check all the moving parts of shale shaker is functioning properly and secure the screens correctly.
703 Shale Shaker 2
3. Lubrication and consist maintenance the shale shaker moving parts base on the operation manual is the must to ensure proper operation.
4. If the operator uses an OEM shale shaker screen that have not been pre-tension treatment, it is the must step that need to perform before usage.
5. If the drilling fluid flow out of the pore or damaged place, then cuttings can’t be removed. Any screen with holes or be damaged must be changed immediately, the hole and the damaged place can be sealed up by the panel. The screen must be changed as soon as possible, make a plan before the replacement to reduce the stopping drilling time, you should prepare the tools and screen before beginning to replace, if because the shale shaker is not operating, it will increase the cuttings content. It’s best to exchange the screen in a single period if possible. Need to stop the pump at the emergent time, stop drilling so as to replace the screen of shale shaker.
6. Any problem please fell free to contact us and learn to know our other products including mud agitator, decanter centrifuge, desander, mud tank ,drilling waste managent, drilling mud system etc.

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Sep 14

As GN are providing more and more turnkey solutions for clients, more and more inquires or orders are received from abroad to ask for technical solutions for their problems met in drilling.
Lately GN got one inquiry from abroad about rig repairing system. For GN technical engineers, this set of system is one of the common systems that they had designed and manufactured many sets before.
This set of system consists of the following part:
1. The fisrt part is shale shaker tank.
To meet this client’s demands, GN recommend to use two sets of Double Shale Shaker, which type is GNZS594E-HB, also including one set of Desander and Desilter. By using two sets of Centrifugal Pump and one mud gun as well as one mud agitator, GN has fully make use of the room to providing larger compartments for client.

Hi-G dryer shaker

Hi-G dryer shaker

2. The second part is mix tank.
This mixing tank is quite simple compared with the shale shaker tank, it’s including one Jet Mud Mixer, three Mud Agitators, as well as three Mud Guns.
Regarding to this system, GN Double Shale Shaker is one of the cutting advantages. Manual shaker deck angle adjustable while working, mechanical deck angle adjustment for backup application. Patent tighten rubber sealing for shaker deck and screen, long life and easy replacement. Shaker bottom deck made from stainless stell for long life. Heat treatment on complete shaker deck for High G force operation. Pretensioned Shaker screen for fast screen replacement. Famous Brand Vibration Motors: IEC Ex, ATEX and UL certified. Feeding type including Weir Feed, Top Feed, and Hopper Feed are flexible for different applications.
For every client, there are some specific demands on rig repairing system. GN engineers always try their best to meet their needs.

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Sep 06

GN mud agitators are high efficiency mud-mixing units offered in a wide array of custom sizes and configurations to accommodate virtually any mud tank. They are mainly used for agitating drilling fluids, avoid particle in fluids deposit to tank bottom.
Today we would like to share our experience on how to design mud agitator. As we all known, the mud agitator stirs mud slurry to maintain suspension of solids. The agitator is mounted on top of the mud tank and has one or two impeller(s) immersed in the mud slurry.
The agitator’s impeller shaft is coupled to an electric drive motor with coupling. The horsepower of the drive motors rates from 7.5HP to 20HP, which is named 5.5kw to 15kw.

Mud Agitator
Single impeller is usually matched for motors below 11kw. And double impellers are more suitable for those above 11kw. Based on user’s request and onsite condition, the vertical location of the impeller on the shaft is determined as a height from the tank bottom corresponding to the impeller diameter times 0.75. Take a 20 inch impeller as an example; it should be mounted at the height of 15 inch higher than the bottom.
GN recommends straight impellers blades for tanks under 5 inch deep and canted blades for deeper tanks. If dual impellers are desired, straight blades are mounted on the bottom and the canted blade impeller is installed at the height of two-thirds above the tank bottom.
By using a multi-piece coupling, the main motor and driven impeller shafts are rigidly connected. The connected coupling is using a tapered bushing to secure the shafts together.
For different customers, the lengths of the shafts are customized to suit customers’ specifications. A special device named stabilizer are usually welded at the bottom of the tank to keep the balance of the entire shaft.


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Aug 29

By finish of next month, September of 2014, GN Solids Control’s new factory might be begun. This really is the 4th factory GN owns. And this factory will play an important part in GN production line.

Given that its establishment in year 2007, GN grows from a single factory corporation to today’s top rated manufacturer of solids control and waste management firm in China. It owns four factories: old factory in city of Tangshan, new factory close to Beijing, a separate factory for shaker screensas well as the above pointed out 1, a new factory with workplace developing and workshop.
GN’s core product mud agitatorwill probably be moved there and production capability is going to be doubled soon. In addition to decanter centrifuges, GN Solids America will establish a separate workshop for centrifugal pumps.
Lately, orders for centrifuges come from everywhere in the planet. Some old customers even complain that GN in no way has in-stock centrifuges. GN is sorry about that also. For each and every lot of beneath production centrifuges(http://www.gnsolidsamerica.com/decanter-centrifuge.html), prior to production finished, all are sold out. The new factory will resolve this problem for GN Solids Control; this can be absolutely good news for both GN employees and GN valuable buyers.
For the new factory, GN Solids America will continue its high typical for high quality control and sophisticated technology used for precise solutions. And GN is constantly prepared to complete far better in supplying the clients and finish customers with most appropriate options and extremely effective equipment such as desilter, desander etc..


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Jan 16

2 sets mud agitator are waiting to be delivered to Muscat, Oman. Different from our standard agitator, the prime future of these 2 sets agitators is that they have a very long rotationg shaft which is of 3.3 meters.

mud tank agitator

mud tank agitator

Our customer will apply the agitators on the cylindrical tanks with depth near 4 meters. The agitator is consist of 15KW electrical motor, gear box and shaft with double impellers. The 3.3 meters long shaft is devided into 2 sections, in order to easy transportation and different purpose in operating. The double layer 950mm diameter impeller is designed as movable as per the customer’s requirements, the joint point of the shaft is between the 2 layers impeller, after removeing the down half section, the agitator still could work.

During the communication with our customer, we suggest to install the stabilizer for the agitator to prevent the shaking when the shaft rotating. Considering there is pipeling opening at the bottom of the tank, our customer design the stabilizer impending with the supports connecting with the tank wall, and they will produce by theirself.

Now the agitator is waiting for delivery, if you have requests for our mud agitator and other solids control equipments, just feel free to contact with us.

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Sep 19

Paddle Mixer is a widely seen device in solid control system, which is mainly used to agitate and blend drilling mud so as to control the depositions of solid particles in the tank cycling system and keep the mud property.

paddle mixer

paddle mixer


Paddle Mixer Structure and Operation Principle

Paddle Mixer Include: explosion–proof motor, reducer, seating and impeller. The motor and reducer are installed horizontally on the top surface of the mud tank.
Connection: Rigid shaft adapters are used to connect the motor to reducer, and reducer to impeller.
Operation Principle: The impeller agitates the drilling mud and makes it revolving to enhance the stirring effect. The plate mounted to the impeller shaft by flange with bolts could prevent solid particles in mud from depositing around the impeller so as to reduce the friction force when the shaft rotating.

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Oct 20

GN solids control can supply solids control equipments for Colombia clients, we have already a representative in Colombia who has done oilfield drilling service for more than 20 years.

 Even though oilfield drilling and solids control equipments& tools can be available easily from USA and Canada which is very near with Colombia, but GN still have particular advantages to supply GN brand  solids control equipments.

colombia solids control equipments

colombia solids control equipments

 GN advantages compared with USA supplier, such as Derrick, NOV-Brandt, MI-Swaco

 1 Competitive price

Although sea freight charge from China to Latin-America is higher than from USA, but GN competitive products cost still a most appealing aspect.

 2 Professional knowledge

Not like others who produced many other oilfield equipments, GN only focus on solids control, so we have been one of the most professional solids control equipments manufacture in China. We have a professional Engineer team on design, production and logistics.

 3 Integrity range of solids control equipments

GN can provide a complete solution of your solids control requirement. Various models of shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump,mud agitator, mud gun, jet mud mixer, even mud gas separator,flare ignition device, mud tank, can be available.

We have designed many sets of mud system customized, both of oilfield well drilling and underground engineering.

 4 Best service

Long distance from China to Colombia may lead you hesitate to buy from China. You may worry about the long distance service. All the products from GN solids control supply one year guarantee after installation or 18month after shipment. And we supply spare parts with bottom price (we do not make profit from spare parts) together with goods to save your freight cost.

For drilling rig solids control system(mud recycling system), GN provide free service for first time installtion and training the end-user’s engineer.

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Sep 21

GN solids control has mud storage tank in stock for standard dimension, 6500 x2300 x 2150mm, total capacity of clean mud storage is 23m3(6075 US gallons).

 GN also provided bentonite silos for storage and handling bentonite powder and barite. Pressurised vertical bulk silos, Upright Cylindrical Tank, square mud active tank can be available.

mud storage tank in stock

mud storage tank in stock

 Components of mud storage tank

 1 The paint and coating:

marine anti-corrosion paint made b y (Japan Kansai & Cosco) brand epoxy zinc-rich anticorrosive paint. 

Inside tank:2 layers painting  Outside:3 layers painting

 2 Electric Control System assembly  

(including control panel, joint box, electric cable, cable trough, components, etc)

 3 Mud Tank attachment

Ladder、slide walk、valve, mud pipe line, clean gate etc.

 4 Mud agitator, also called mud mixer, with 7.5kw explosion proof motor,

Exp Class: IP55

Exp Mark: ExdⅡBT4

Insulation Level:  F

Mounting type: C-Face

Electric power: 380V/50HZ/3phase, customized electric power available

Shaft length: 1.6m

Impeller: Single or double

With shaft stabilizer

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Jul 23

GN produce mud agitators for mud tank which is used in oil.gas drilling and HDD mud system.

 Mud agitator is including the following components:

A “C” Face Explosion Proof Motor, Helical-Bevel Gearbox, Mounting Plate, Impeller, Shaft and Necessary Couplings.

 Connection method:

The mud agitator have two types connection method, Motor directly coupled to the Gear box,called “direct coupled”. Motor coupled to the Gear box by a shaft, called ” Axis-coupled”.

axis-coupled mud agitator

axis-coupled mud agitator

 The difference of direct coupled and Axis-coupled is as belows.

1 Axis coupled agitator with large volume, large weight, and take up a large space.

2 Axis coupled agitator with cheaper gear box, so the total cost is cheaper than direct coupled agitator.

3 Direct coupled agitator is easy to use and maintain.

4 Axis coupled is old design, and direct coupled is new design.

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