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Jul 28

Hundreds of mud agitator and mud gun would be manufactured and sold to the customer in GN’s  annual sales. If you know solids control, you will know that mud agitator and mud gun are the most popular equipments in the drilling mud mixing system.

GN Mud Agitator Motor & Gear Box

In one mud mixing system, always there are mud agitator, mud gun, mixing pump and a Ventri hopper. While the mud agitator and mud gun often come out together, the quantity of mud agitator and mud gun always the same inner the mixing tank.

Mud agitator contains motor, gear box and the rotating shaft which attached with blade. The rotating shaft and blade are the fluids touching parts of the mud agitator, by rotating the shaft, the blade will stir the drilling mud to prevent the sedimentation, thus the drilling mud will be proportion uniformly transfered to reuse. According to the inner dimension of the tank, the length of the shaft and the diameter of the blade would be made accordingly. It will be better to design an stabilizer for the shaft when the shaft length over 1.8m.

Mud Agitator Bottom Tank Stabilizer

One function of the Mud gun is the same with mud agitator, the drilling mud sprayed from the mud gun nozzle will stir the drilling mud everywhere of the tank conner. Powered by the mixing pump, mud gun also play the role to transfer the weighted mud to each tank compartment so that the recycling would be a reality. GN new design mud gun is of elegant appearance with 3 polyurethane nozzles which make sure the long life of the mud gun.

GN New Design Mud Gun

Besides the mud mixing system, mud agitator and mud gun also would be used in drilling mud storage tank, functioned to prevent the drilling mud sedimentation. Though not the most important equipments in the mud system, mud agitator and mud gun are the indispensable devices. Any request, welcome contact with GN team for more information.

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Sep 14

The mud tank jet mixer on a separate skid connected with the mud tank(storage tank or mixing tank), it has two functions, one is mixing, the other one is agitating. Sometimes you can use the storage tank as mixing tank, one more mixing tank for mud mixing system is also feasible.

 How is the bentonite mud mixer to ensure the correct quantity / consistency of bentonite to water is achieved ?

1,For mixing, firstly, water tanks are filled up, then adding bentonite from the hopper, the mixing system mix the bentonite and fluids from the pump, then goes from the blue pipe into the tank.

mud tank jet mixer

mud tank jet mixer

Before you mix the bentonite, you must know the viscosity and density of you demand, for example , you need 20m3 fluids, and density is 1.8G, you can calculate how much bentonite powder and how much water you need, then you prepare for the correct qty water and bentonite powder.

 Firstly you can put the water into the mixing tank, then add the bentonite powder through the jet mixer,the powder will enter into the mixing tank , they will mix together by the mud agitator.

2,For agitating mud,shut off the valve of the  blue pipe line which links to the tank top side(as in pics),and open the valve of the black tube(which links to the mud gun pipe line),the with the mud gun jet mixing pressure for mud agitating in the tanks.

Another way is to put the mud tank jet mixer on the skid of the tank, it is convenient for transportation, and easy for operation.

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Aug 20

GN can produce 4 inch mud hopper(500x500mm), 6 inch mud hopper(600x600mm,750x750mm), usually we assembly the mixing pump and mud hopper together as a jet mixing unit. It is widely used in our HDD system. A butterfly valve is incorporated in the neck of the hopper to adjust flow and to close off the hopper after use.

mud hopper

mud hopper

 Mud hopper usually used in mud mixing pump, High shearing mixer. Or as separated device matched with pump for bentonite configuration and mixing in mud mixing system. The working condition of mud hopper usually is mud density 1.5~2.8g/cm3, while mud viscosity is 60~120s. This is usual working condition to provide better performance as well as longer use life to save total cost on drilling.

GN mud mixing hopper are widely used in HDD(horizontal directional drilling) and oil gas drilling for bentonite mixing.Mud Mixing unit is combination of drilling mud hopper and centrifugal pumps,it’s mixing force comes from the centrifugal pump.

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