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May 29

In GN products line, centrifugal pump is one of the main equipments that got many order for GN. All the working for transfering the mud in recycling system is done by pump.

Centrifugal pump

Mud cleaner is one type equipment which need centrifugal pump transfer mud into the cyclone to complete its mission. In mud mixing unit, centrifugal pump could be used to transfer the mud into all the storage tank. Mud pump also need centrifugal pump to feed drilling mud.

Bare Pump


GN’s centrifugal pump is interchangeable with famous NOV Mission pump which is a very good selling point. Welcome contact with GN for more information about this centrifugal pump.

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Jan 28

NOV Mission pump introduction

Mission pump was designed by NOV in 1950’s. It is included in centrifugal pump.  The first type is “W” one. During 6 decade improvement and development it hold mainly four series pumps. Such as Magnum™, 2500 Supreme ™, magnum™ XP, Sandamaster™.

Mission Pump

Mission Pump

China centrifugal pump

Actually, in China oil industry we usaully call centrifugal pump as “Sand pump”. Since the pumps are mainly used to pump drilling mud for Desander, Desilter, or mud cleaner.

Pumps transfer mud between mud tank and equipment. Finally, drilling fluid is transfered from one compartment to another; one tank to another.

The centrifugal pump can be divided into vertical type and horizontal type. Now we just take horizontal type compared with Mission pump.

The pump in China including oil seal type and mechanical seal type. For the mechanical seal pump, it is widely appreciated by oil&gas industy users, since it’s more stronger, and more durable.

NOV Mission pump features

Thicker, Stronger, Concentric casing. All of Mission pumps featur a concentric casing that is an average of 37% thicker than conventional pump casings, and up to 50% thicker for the larger, mud pumping models. They are pressure rated at 1.5 times the flange rating and are designed with a 1/8″ erosion allowance.

GN Centrifugal pump-China

GN Centrifugal pump-China

The concentric style casing has proven to offer the greatest pump life and reduced downtime.

The walls of concentric style casing are an equal distance from the impeller throughout the impeller circumference, which results in a smooth flow pattern.

Interchangeable China pump with Mission Pump

In fact, to make pump interchangeable mainly mean the major parts are completely same between pumps.

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