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Dec 07

High Speed centrifuge is used very often in Indonesia oilfield drilling waste management project.The contractors are always oilfield service company or who is in the industry of environment protection. The regulation for reducing harmful waste discharge stimulated the contractor to recover as much drilling mud as possible.

GN Centrifuge for Drilling Waste

GN High Speed Centrifuge for Drilling Waste

The most popular model centrifuge for drilling waste in GN is GNLW363 which has the similar parameters with the centrifuge of Derrick DE1000, Brandt HS3400 and Mi-Swaco 518.
With bowl diameter of 14″ and length 50″, GNLW363 make sure the solid discharges more dryer.
In order to meet the customer’s demand for adjusting the drilling waste feeding speed to the centrifuge. GLW363VFD would be better choice.  GLW363FVD is always delivered together with 1 unit mono pump as the VFD control panel offered is Three-Variable-Speed for the centrifuge main motor, auxiliary motor and momp pump motor. You could adjust treating capacity by adjusting the speed of the motor.

GN High Speed Centrifuge Advantage

Screw Propeller Tungsten Cabide Tile Protection


  • Normal 3200RPM operation speed and G force 3000
  • The fluids touch part like screw propeller and bowl is made of SS316
  • Tungsten cabide tile for screw propeller and solids discharge port protection
  • Bearing from SKF and Siemens electric components for long lifetime and easy to get all around the world for maintenance convenient
  • VFD adopt positive pressure control and control panel from China top supplier
  • Various belt wheel available and easy for changing

GN Centrifuge for Drilling Waste World Customer

By now, the customers who foucs on drilling waste management coming from Indonesia, South America, Russia, Middle East
and North Africa has all already equiped with GN high speed centrifuge. Welcome contact with GN Solids Control for more
information on the centrifuge and other solids control equipments.

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Aug 11

It is known that Indonesia has a large reservation for Oil and natual gas. Actually, besides oil and natual gas, Indonesia has one of the largest CBM resources in the world with a potential 453 trillion ft3 in-place, that is almost three times Indonesia’s current reserves of natural gas.

Reports from CBM Asia: Indonesia CBM resources located mainly in Sumatra and Kalimantan provinces. The CBM exploration and development has intensified in Indonesia in recent years, particularly since the first Production Sharing Contracts were awarded in 2008.

CBM is normally found at depths between 500 – 3500 feet, not nearly as deep as conventional gas. This enables the use of smaller drilling rigs, which are cheaper to use and have less impact on the surrounding environment.

GN Solids Control, as one API certified professional manufacturer for drilling mud recycling equipments, could offer complete drilling mud recycling system for CBM industry. With the raising exploration for CBM in Indonesia, GN more and more pays attention to this market.


The large reservation for CBM already attracted many energy company invest in Indonesia. Besides CBM Asia, other company like BP, Dart Energy, ENI, ExxonMobil, Medco, Santos, and TOTAL, all active in CBM exploration in Indonesia.

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