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Aug 22

Both GN Desander and Desilter are composed of a group hydrocyclones (also called cyclone separator) and a shale shaker. By using GN Desander and Desilter, we can separate sand & silt from the drilling fluids.

As the key part of GN Desander and Desilter, hydrocyclone plays a vital important role in solids control.

GN Hydrocyclone

As we all known, the larger of the nominal dimension of cone, the larger solid particles can be separated, and the smaller working pressure be needed, so the larger manage capacity of the drilling fluids. Different diameters of hydrocyclones can separate different particles.

Hydrocyclone consists of two exits on the axis: the smaller on the bottom (underflow or reject) and larger at the top (overflow or accept). Generally, the underflow is the denser or thicker fraction, while the overflow is the lighter or more fluid fraction.

GN Hydrocyclone Operation_

1.GN Hydrocyclone in Desander

The size of GN Hydrocyclone in desander is 10’’. It incorporates a precise combination of proportions, angles, ratios and materials to optimize separation of solids from the feed material. For finer particle separation, the desander discharge may be fed to a desilter, sometimes it will directly feed to the screening equipment. Centrifugal pump is used to pump the drilling fluids from mud tank into the set of hydrocyclones.

The Desander is installed after shale shaker and degasser but before desilter. Desander removes those abrassive solids from the drilling mud which cannot be removed by shale shakers.

2. GN Hydrocyclone in Desilter

The size of GN Hydrocyclone in desilter is 4”. It can remove solids in the 16 micron to 80 micron based on different feed slurry.

Optimal performance of hydrocyclones requires a proper balance of feed head, feed rate and apex opening. Improper balance of any these variables can adversely affect performance.

Besides, hydrocylone is one of the spare parts in Solids Control equipment, after certain some usage, it’s better to replace it with a new one.


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Jan 09

Here mentioned the hydrocyclone is used in drilling mud recycling equipments. Mostly we could see it on desander, desilter and mud cleaner. Therefore, we could classify the hydrocyclong into desander cyclone and desilter cyclone.

Desilter cone

Desilter cone


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Dec 10

GN solids control is one of the best mud cleaner manufacturer in China. We provide customized mud cleaner from 200gpm to 1000gpm/ single unit. The models available GNZJ83-3, GNZJ63-3, GNZJ70-3 & GNTJ60 with linear motion shale shaker. GNPJ70-4, GNPJ70-3 for balanced elliptical motion (BEM) shale shaker.

mud cleaner

mud cleaner

The treating capacity of the mud cleaner depends on the cyclone size and numbers. But usually if the cyclone numbers are more than 12pcs, we recommend to use a large treating capacity underflow shaker, otherwise, the treating capacity of shaker will not meet hydrocyclone, “overflow” will happen.

What is mud cleaner?

The description in Wikipedia for mud cleaner “A mud cleaner is a combination of desanders and/or desilters to remove drilled solids from mud.”

A mud cleaner is a combination of desanders and/or desilters mounted over a shaker with a fine mesh screen. A mud is fed to the inlet of the hydrocyclone (desander and/or desilter) to separate particles and the underflow passes to the fine screen mesh where in particles larger than barite are discarded and thrown away. In most drilling operations, a mud cleaner is installed in its mud systems. It is usually located in a mud tank in the same location as with the desilters.


The purpose of the mud cleaner is to remove drilled solids larger than barite. Solids larger than 74-105 micrometres can be removed by the mud cleaner before the viscosity builds up.

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Nov 16

The Argentine press confirmed that following the contracting of a semi-submersible rig from the Swedish company Stensa, a consortium of Argentine based oil companies will begin exploratory drilling in the Malvinas basin next December.

As more and more development of drilling in Argentina, drilling fluids treating equipments are highly demand, such as shale shaker, desander & desilter, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, decanter, agitator, mud gas separator, etc.

desander & desilter

desander & desilter

Desander & desilter are equipments that effectively remove fine drilled solids and sands upto the size of 50 microns or 20 microns using centrifugal forces from the drilling mud system by using specially designed hydro-cyclones made out of very high quality polyurethane materials. The fluid entry angle is designed in such a way that the drilled solids are separated more efficiently, ensuring reduction in the loss of costlier drilling fluids. High quality polyurethane cones ensures very long life to reduces shut downs.

Desander is available in three different models of capacity 500, 1000 and 1500 GPM, employing 12” cones attached to 8” or 10” manifold with a 4” inlet and 6” outlet.

Desilter is available in various capacity from 264gpm to 1400gpm, employing 4” cones attached to manifold with a 75mm~150mm inlet and 125~200mm.

Desander & desilter is mainly composed of hydrocyclones and underflow shaker, the other components such as manifold,valves, pressure guage, solids discharge trough,etc.

Hydrocyclones are mechanical devices designed for separation of solid particles from the drilling fluids. The separation of solid particles depends on parameters like feed particles size, fluid viscosity, fluid feed pressure (fluid density) and hydrocyclone size.

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Sep 27

Every year drilling company pay huge money for drilling mud, and related law about evvironment protection from drilling mud haven issued by more and more countries. Drilling mud cleaning equipments become more and more important for well drilling .

drilling mud cleaning equipment

drilling mud cleaning equipment

 GN drilling mud cleaning equipments including shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter. The mud cleaner is combination of desander and desilter, desander is composed of 8 inch/ 10 inch/12inch hydrocyclones with 1.0m2 screen area shaker. Desilter is composed of 4 inch polyurethane cyclones with 1.0m2 screen area shaker. Desander cone of polyurethane or cast iron material is available. Polyurethane ( PU) cone is a kind of super wear-resistant materials.

 During drilling, cuttings are obviously created, but they do not usually pose a problem until drilling stops because a drillbit requires replacement or another problem. When this happens, and drilling mud are not used, the cuttings then fill the hole again. Drilling mud are used as a suspension tool to keep this from happening. The viscosity of the drilling mud increases when movement decreases, allowing the fluid to have a liquid consistency when drilling is occurring and then turn into a more solid substance when drilling has stopped. Cuttings are then suspended in the well until the drill is again inserted. This gel-like substance then transforms again into a liquid when drilling starts back up.

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Jun 02

Desilter is consisted of desilter hydrocyclones, usually it is 4” cyclone. The number of the cone can be customized according to the treating capacity you need.

There are two types desilters, one is with underflow shaker, the other one is without shaker. Most of the world famous solids control equipments supplier such as Derrick, Brandt, they design a type without underflow shaker, and used a hacking instead of the shaker. But in most situation, GN desilter is with underflow shaker.



We thought it is a better way to process the useful drilling mud. If you do not use a shaker, some useful drilling mud will be discharged as waste mud, that will increase the cost for processing the waste mud, and waste some useful mud. If you use a shaker, you can process the mud in further step, if you use a large mesh screen, it will dry the solids in some time, and you can choose to separate the particle size by your own demand. One the other hand, the shaker will not increase much of the total cost of the desilter. Usually we use a small screen area is enough.

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May 29

GN desander and desilter consist of different size hydrocyclones to reach different treating capacity, we usually use 8”, 10”,12” cone as desander cone, and 4” cone as desilter cone. Although we have 3”,5”,6” cone, but usually we did not use it in our equipments , so as 20” cone.

High performance of hydrocyclone

Hydrocyclone is the most attractive device for removing solid particles from liquid . It utilizes the centrifugal force to effect the separation. The separation of solid from liquid depends on the particle size and particle density. Centrifugal force throws the particles out against the wall and they subsequently drop into the outlet hopper. Cyclone consists of vertical cylinder with conical bottom. The inlet point is near the top of the cylindrical portion. The particles separated are collected at the bottom. Our desander can separate 47~76μm particles, and desilter cone can separate 15~47μm particle.

hydrocyclone desander cone
Hydrocyclones are designed for separating solids from liquids and are successfully used in liquid/solids separation, classification, and concentration.they can be defined as fixed wall centrifugal separator devices that separate particles according to density and mass. Unlike other type of centrifugal separators, the liquid mixture rotates within the chamber. Continue reading »

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