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Aug 26

GN Solids Control is one of the world famous solid control and waste management companies which specializes in manufacturing the related equipment, such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, decanter centrifuge, agitator, centrifugal pump, cutting dryer, screw pump, shear pump, mud gun and so on. All of the product line are used in the oil and gas drilling, mining drilling, HDD, TBM and many trenchless area.

The trenchless technology is also called “non-dig” which is often used in the oil and gas pipeline laying, or the underground pipe repairing without digging the ground surface. This can specially used in the densely populated area without disturbing the normal life of the local residents. Before laying the pipeline or doing the repairing job, the contracting company will need to do the HDD work, that is horizontal directional drilling, to dig to the underground and finish the job. During the drilling process, the contractors will need to use a lot drilling mud, and GN’s new mud mixing system is designed for this job. The mud mixing system consists of several mud mixing tanks and skid mounted jet mud mixing unit. On the mud tanks there are agitators and mud guns, the agitators are used to stir the mud to make it even and keep the good chemical feature. The mud gun is used to spray to corner of the tank to avoid the solids collected there. The jet mud mixing unit is used to add some chemicals to the mud system to keep the mud working in good condition. For the tanks, GN can provide both the rectangular and cylinder tanks, the customer can choose the shape according to their working condition.16.08.19-Mud-Mixing-System
That’s the brief introduction of the GN’s mud mixing system. Hopefully it will be useful  and helpful to you. GN has many more solid control systems, they can be used in different operational situations and help you achieve your target easily and cost effectively. Welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to [email protected]

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Aug 20

In order to learn well about Trenchless Drilling Mud System, we have to know what is trenchless drilling technology. Trenchless technology is a type of subsurface construction work that requires few trenches or no continuous trenches.  Because of the minimal disruption to surface traffic, business, and other activities, trenchless drilling technology is widely used in installation of new or replacement or rehabilitation of existing underground infrastructure.

trenchless drilling mud system


Why Need A Mud System in Trenchless Drilling

HDD is a well known type of trenchless drilling, in the drilling project, we will need the horizontal directional drilling rig. In order to protect the rig bit and make it easy for drilling, a good number of drilling mud will be used. Therefore, the need for mud system is emerged. During a large treating capacity trenchless drilling project, mud system is only partial unit of it. We can also find drill rig, mud pump and other equipments. Continue reading »

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Aug 12

GN 500 GPM mud recycling system is a very popular system used in HDD and CBM drilling. Unlike other solids control equipments supplier who mainly foucs their attenction on oilfield , GN meanwhile also devote herself to the development of compact mud system in HDD and CBM drilling project. Under this condition, GN 500 GPM mud system emerges as the times require.

By now, The largest HDD contractor: China petroleum Pipeline Bureau(CPP) have bought more than 25 sets GN 500 GPM mud recycling system from us.

500GPM Hydraulic jackup mud systemGN standard 500GPM mud recycling system equipments list:

1. 2 sets GNPS 70-3 balanced elliptical motion Shale Shaker;
2. 1 set GNPJ 70-3 Mud Cleaner with 1 each 10″ desilter cyclong and 8 each 4″ desander cyclone;
3. 2 sets SB5x4-14 Centrifugal Pump, one for desander and the other one for desilter;
4. 1 set JBQ7.5 Mud Agitator with 7.5 kw motor;
5. 1 set 3″ Mud Gun;
6. 1 set SLH150-35 Jet Mud Mixer matched with SB5x4-14 mud mixing pump;
7. Pedestal recycling tank, Electric control system and attachments like ladder, hanarail and lightings. Continue reading »

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Mar 05

This 35T mud system is designed for HDD contractor specially. It saves more investment, save more spaces, and provides cost-effective advantages. The system has been appreciated by many clients for its above features

Goodeng 35T rig

Goodeng 35T rig is one HDD rig popular with many contractors both domestic and oversease. Goodeng is popular with majority HDD contractors. It is top professional manufacturer on HDD rigs in China even in the world. We’ve ever designed many systems match with Goodeng HDD rig. And the clients appreciate our cooperation and harmony.

Just few days ago, we configured one mud system for Goodeng to match their 35T rig. Yesterday, we suggest our Korean client choose this mud system for his end user. His end user is an HDD contractor, they got Goodeng 35 T HDD rig and wanna get one economical proposal on drilling mud system decrease total HDD cost

HDD Mud System for Goodeng Rig

HDD Mud System for Goodeng Rig

Mud system for Goodeng 35T rig

Goodeng 35T rig usually requests Considering users’ requirements on limit space and economical cost our engineer designed following proposal

This mud system including 1 mud tank sized about 2160bbl. There is a desilter on the mud tank. To provide complete solution, we need another equipment-Submersible slurry pump. Nowadays, sumbersible slurry pump is more and more popular in HDD mud system. Maybe it is as feeding pump for shale shaker. For this system, it is also feeding pump for Desilter.

This Goodeng 35 T rig need one mud pump holding charge capacity as 320l/min. So the system should cater to the flow capacity.  Then desilter we designed as three 4″ cones, the capacity is up to about 198GPM. It holding larger treating capacity but it request much less cost than common desilter and/or combined with desander cones so it is more cost-effective.

The submersible slurry pump in this system requests 7.5KW power. And its capacity is about 352GPM. This will provide sufficient mud flow and pressure for desilter cone and get ideal result for particles smaller than 20 microns separation

The mud system flow

The drilling mud system for Goodeng 35T rig is a special simple type. But it is very complete one including chargeing and separation. As we all know, HDD job site space is rather limit there is usually a mud pit to store dirty drillilng mud.

The submersible slurry pump will pump drilling mud from the mud pit to the desilter directly. After desilter cones separation most of particles sized 15~20 microns will be separated out of drilling mud.

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Jul 24
GN solids control mainly involved in oil/gas drilling solids control equipments/system and HDD mud recycling system/equipments. We have sold our designed system to many clients such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Australia, Turkey,Kazakstan, Russia, Kuwait, Canada,UK, etc.
GN solids control system

GN solids control system

Compele Line Equipments

  • GN  System: Design & manufacture complete line equipments for a total system which ensures better integration of system and competitive price.
  • GN Main Equipments: Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner ,Desander ,Desilter, Centrifuge, Agitator, Mixing Hoppers, Flare Igniter, mud Tanks, Pumps, Degassers etc.
  • GN Main Spare Parts: Shaker Screens, Hycdocyclone Cones, Rig Mat, Pipe Rack , Unions etc.

 Globalized Market

GN Solids Control has  established  agency in over 10 countries around the world  and  exported  to more then 20 overseas countries : India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan ,Russia, UAE, Libya, Brazil, Morocco ,Kuwait, Brazil, Canada, USA, Thailand, Australian, Korea, Turkey , Mongolia, Singapore etc. Many repeated customers proved our reliable service.

 If you are interested in our equipments/system, pls contact GN solids control.

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Jun 26

GN HDD mud recycling system has been widely used in many client’s drilling site all over the world. Although we have rich experience for HDD mud sytsem , we still strive to improve our existing system and design customized system .We learned a lot from clients who is involved in HDD drilling for many years, our engineer takes back much useful information from client’s drilling site when they service abroad.

 1 Transportation cost both for Ocean and in Client’s country

 Considering Ocean transportation charge, we design the system which is suitable for ocean freight after disassembly the main equipments, such as shale shaker, mud cleaner,etc. Container is the cheapest way compared with Open-Top Container and FLAT RACK CONTAINER, also the sailing date is more flexible, so our total transportation dimension is always suitable for 20GP,40GP or 40HQ inner size.

 Also we consider the convenient of transportation in client’s domestic, the difficulties are when you transport these units they need to be manufactured as low as possible to adhere to certain regulations.Always remember that they do not want to remove any equipments for transportation. This is too costly and time consuming.

GN HDD mud system

GN HDD mud system

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