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May 30

About the Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit (shorted as “DCSU”) that manufactured by GN Solids Control, in this article we will mainly introduce its working principle.


Before showing its working principle, firstly let us know its main application and treatment material.

05043_副本Usually, the DCSU is used as the 2nd-step treatment measure with the drilling waste, mainly it is used for treating the drilling cuttings and realize cuttings’ solidification.

During the Drilling Waste Management, the 1st-step is to use the High-G shaker and Centrifuge (for water-based waste); Vertical Cuttings Dryer and Centrifuge (for oil-based waste). After the 1st-step’s treatment, the liquid-content (water, oil) in the drilling cuttings will be decreased effectively.


In order to reduce the cuttings’ hazard to the environment, now the DCSU will be used, here below is its working principle:


  • Drilling Waste Collection hopper collects all the drilling cuttings, then they will be moved to the mixing chamber by the screw conveyor under the hopper. The capacity is based on pre-set.
  • Through the screw conveyor under the cement storage box, the cement is also sent to the mixing chamber based on pre-set capacity;
  • The same for the absorber, which is sent to the mixing chamber by the screw conveyor;
  • On the mixing chamber, there are 2 inlets: 1is for feeding water, the other is for feeding the chemicals;
  • There are high-shear mixer in the mixing chamber, which can mix all the materials sent into the chamber. After the cuttings and other waste are mixed sufficiently with the cement and chemicals, solidification happens and finally they are discharged out from the mixing chamber;


The solidified drilling cuttings can be used as the construction material or the hazard to the environment can be effectively reduced even though the solidified cuttings are disposed directly.


Finally, sincerely welcome to contact us for any need about the equipments or system, GN can make the customized solution for you.



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May 21

In this article, we mainly introduce the Economic Mud Recycling System manufactured by GN.


As the leader and top manufacture of solid-liquid separation equipments and drilling waste management, the economic customized mud recycling system is also 1 of GN’s core products.

As we know, the solid-liquid separation equipments or mud recycling systems are not only widely used in the Oil & Gas Drilling, there are many other industries or application fields that they also need to use, such as the HDD (horizontal directional drilling), Trenchless Crossing, Bore Piling, Shield Construction, Mining, Industrial Waste Management, etc.


For its application in these industries, the required treatment capacity or system size will be small, GN can make the economic mud recycling systems according customer requirements.


Like showed in below pictures,

  1. These small mud recycling systems can meet the actual work needs, meanwhile they have small size, compact structure and cost-effective;


  1. It is also customized, according to the actual need, GN can make the corresponding adjustment with the structure and configuration.


  1. There are 3 typical models of economic mud recycling system. They are


3.1) GNMS-200D, 200GPM’s treatment capacity;

3.2) GNMS-500D, 500GPM’s treatment capacity;

3.2) GNMS-1000D, 1000GPM’s treatment capacity;


  1. Main Application Fields: Bored Pile Project, Micro Tunnel Construction, Trenchless HDD project, Diamond Drilling, Waste Well Drilling, etc.



  1. Main Equipments: Double-deck Shaker, Desander, Centrifugal Pump, Mud Tank, etc.


  1. Main Working Principle:

Through slurry pump, the mud moves from the pit to the shaker and drops on the bottom layer screen. The 1st-stage separation will screen out the big solid particles and the liquid drop into the mud tank.


The centrifugal pump will pump the mud from the tank and goes into the desander, the desander will make the 2nd-stage separation. The discharged solid particles from the desander will drop on the upper layer screen to be further dryed and finally be discharged; the cleaned mud will be recycled and put into use.



Finally, Welcome to contact us for any need about the equipments or system, GN can make the customized solution for you.



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May 03

Firstly, decanter centrifuge is widely used in oil field, ship, waste water treatment, it is kind of equipment to processing waste fluid, and it is becoming more and more widely used for protecting the environment. We know that wherever water is used, solids will be mixing with water, and for protect the environment, we need to find a way to process the slurry, so the decanter centrifuge is one of machinery for processing the waste fluid


Picture 1. GNLW363CG Decanter centrifuge

How does the decanter centrifuge work?

Popular explanation on working principle of decanter centrifuge, we can do a game, take out a sheet of paper, draw a circle and points out the location of the center of the circle and draw a radius. We assume that the radius and circular intersection point there is an object, so this is a very simple centrifuge longitudinal view. we know that there are small particles in the suspending liquid, particles in the decanter centrifuge bowl will sink because of gravity, the heavier the particle, the faster sinking. Sinking speed is related to the size, shape and density of particles. In addition, the material was accompanied by a diffusion phenomenon in the decanter centrifuge, the smaller the particle diffusion is more serious, the particle is colloid or half colloidal state, it is impossible to use gravity to separate the particles by decanter centrifuge force. The slower because the smaller the particle sedimentation, and diffusion phenomenon is more serious in the drilling waste. So a strong decanter centrifuge force is required to overcome the diffusion to produce subsidence movement. Decanter centrifuge is to use strong centrifuge force with a high-speed rotation, to speed up the settlement of particles in the liquid

So we can say the theory sample like this, the decanter centrifuge is using high G force to separate the particles in the liquid, because the particles and water is different density. While the decanter centrifuge can not separate too small particles because of particle is colloid already.


Picture 2. GNLW363CG Decanter centrifuge

For more information about decanter centrifuge specification pls visit www.gnsolidscontrol.com to learn more.

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Jan 28

In this article, we will continue to introduce the key features with GN’s decanter centrifuge.


  • Easily adjustable fluid outlet on the drum;


Fluid Outles on the drum

Fluid Outles on the drum

Sometimes in order to change the drying degree of solids or clarity of liquid, the size of fluid outlet on the drum needs to be changed by customer.

With GN’s centrifuge, there are 6 fluid outlets at the big end of the drum and there is a cover plate mounted on each outlet by bolts. It just needs to loosen the bolts and angle the cover plate and the outlet size could be changed easily.


  • Feeding fluid from the big end of centrifuge;

With all GN’s centrifuges, the drilling fluid goes into the centrifuge from its big end. Compared with feeding fluid from the small end of centrifuge, on some extent it will improve the working efficiency by feeding fluid from the big end of centrifuge.

  • Parts from world-famous suppliers;

1.The bearing is 1 of the most important parts for the centrifuge. With GN’s centrifuge, all the bearings are world-famous brands like SKF (Switzerland brand), NSK (Japan Brand), FAG (Germany Brand).


Centrifuge Bearings

Centrifuge Bearings

2. All the electrical components used in the electric cabinet are also from famous brands like SCHNEIDER (France Brand), SIEMENS (Germany Brand), CHINT (China Brand), ABB(Switzerland Brand).

For example, for the inverter of GN’s variable speed centrifuge, it is from ABB Group.


By adopting these high-quality parts, GN guarantees to provide the best centrifuge with perfect work performance and longer life to all the customers from the world.


  • Explosion-proof property;

1. Exd Standard;

2. Positive Pressure Type;

Both the motors and electric cabinet with GN’s centrifuge get through the IEC and ATEX certification and could meet the explosion-proof requirement in developed countries.


  • PLC intelligent control


User Surface

User Surface

For the electric cabinet of GN’s variable speed centrifuge, it has a graphic user interface and is PLC intelligent control, which could achieve centrifuge’s self-protection and guarantee its most effective work.

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Jan 27

In this article, we mainly introduce the different types of centrifuge that manufactured by GN Solids Control. Now we will classify the decanters based on different features.

 1. Treatment Capacity

Based on the treatment capacities, GN could manufacture 5 different decanters. The capacity is from minimum 40GPM to maximum 484GPM, which could meet the requirements from customers in different industries. The details are as below,

GN Centrifuge

GN Centrifuge




2. Centrifuge Speed

Based on the centrifuge speed, GN has 2 different choices for customer option with each type of centrifuge.

l  Fixed Speed: the speeds of drum and helical pusher are fixed and could not be changed by customer;

l  Variable Speed: the speeds of drum and helical pusher are variable and customer could chose and set the speed according to requirement. It will be very convenient for the customer and also helpful for improving the work efficiency.

Like the Model GNLW223 centrifuge, the speed could be 3800RPM or 0~3800RPM.




3. Configuration

With each type of centrifuge, GN also has the standard configurationand high configuration for customer option. Actually both of the 2 configuration’s centrifuge, Here GN are committed to good quality and perfect performance.

Compared with the centrifuge with standard configuration, the centrifuge with high configuration will be much better on some aspects, such as,

  • Raw Material

The former drum is made from S304 stainless steel by centrifugal casting;

The latter drum is made from Duplex 2205 stainless steel by centrifugal casting, the ram material is better; Continue reading »

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Jun 29

This week, GN will send 1 unit GNPS703 Shale shaker to India Customer from Mining Industry. Just like GN advertised, GN’s equipments could be used in Oil & gas drilling, Horizontal directional drilling and some other industry. No doubt, mining industry also need solids control equipments.

Mining Industry Shale Shaker


GN Shale shaker advantages:

* Metal & rubber composite material for dumping spring with longer life
* Vibrating motor choose Italy Oli brand, IEC Ex and ATEX option available
* Heat treatment on complete shaker deck
* Electrical components: Siemens, Schneider, ABB
* Surface painting & coating with heavy anticorrosive Japan Kansai paint
* Wedged type shaker screen for fast screens changing

Why GN Shale shaker

Customer knew GN for a long time but never given GN order before, cause they have’t seen GN equipments before. But we never given up informing customer about GN’s news such as GN attending CIPPE in Beijing & OTC in Huston.
What the customer request is the direction of GN’s endeavor. Our customer has a urgent project and will need one unit shale shaker. After inquiring some other manufacturer for shale shaker without getting a better solution. They come to GN, with discounted price, gn transfer one unit shale shaker from other project to our customer. What GN thought then is how to help our customer solve their problem. If you are sincere to Customer, customer will trust in you.

Besides GN Shale shaker, this Customer fron India mining industry together placed order to GN for Jet mud mixer and Agitator, now the equipments are under producing. If you need help from GN, please don’t hesitate to tell us.

Customer first will be always the faith of GN.

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Apr 07

Just the past Beijing Drilling Show CIPPE on 19~21 March, GN again show her elegant demeanour to people who come to our booth.

GN at CIPPE 2012


GN Participated CIPPE last year

Last year, although GN first time attended CIPPE 2011, she made a shock there. GN took 1 complete trailer mounted mud system there with all the necessary equipments. Many experts and business men came to GN booth for viewing and learn more about solids control. Also from then, GN let the public keep her in mind.

What has GN done this CIPPE

This year, GN booked a booth of 250m2 which is the largest one in all the manufacturer for Solids Control Equipments. Once more, GN gave the audience a superise. Not only, GN brought a Hydraulic Jackup mud system them, also, GN show her new products-Vertical Cutting Dryer which attracted lot attention from audience.
Besides the above mentioned, GN’s mini mud cleaner also received good remarks. It is really a good choice for smaller treating capacity mud recycling project. Continue reading »

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Dec 09
Centrifugal Pump with Control Panel

Centrifugal Pump with Control Panel

Shortly before,we sent one set SB6x5-12 centrifugal pump with control panel to our Indonesia customer. They are a drilling company, and have their mud recycling system on their work site. After find our products from the internet website, they contact with us and plan to have a try for our products. Happend to that they need a charge pump for their 44OHP mud pump. After some communication on the phone and through the mail, and their once visit to our factory, they placed the order.

This set SB6x5-12 centrifugal pump is consist of Pump head, 37KW electric motor, independent control box.  All the parts are mounted on a skid. Comparing with our usual installation, we did’t weld the the control panel fixed on the skip, but bolt it so that it could be uninstalled easily.
Continue reading »

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