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Jun 23

Drilling mud centrifugal pump work

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Centrifugal pump working feature

Drilling fluid pump is one special pump in centrifugal pump. We also call it as sand pump. It is mainly used to transfer drilling flfuid for desander, desilter, and provide sufficient power for mixing drilling fluid.

As we know, drilling mud centrifugal pump is processing drilling fluid with various solid particle and chemical. It is mainly suspending liquid then the pump impeller and casing should be more durable and high anticorrosive capability
The pump working condition is rather hard will transfer drilling fluid with solid in long term. We need the bearing seal is very reliable and steady.

Meanwhile, the medium has corrosion feature the inner seal will be broken more or less. Then shorten pump usable life and decrease efficiency. We must provide convenience for adjusting impeller and front cover space to decrease leakage

Furthermore, we should consider drilling fluid centrifugal pump should have proper pressure and match well with hydrocyclone separator(desander cone,desilter cone, mud mixing system)

Drilling mud centrifugal pump

Drilling mud centrifugal pump

Driling mud centrifugal pump specs

Centrifugal pump is high speed, compact, light weight, high efficiency, large flow rate, reliable operation, easy maintenance, etc. superiority. The main parameter incuding head, flow rate, speed and power

About the head, simply speaking is how high can pump lift the water. Then the flow rate, it means in certain time how much drilling mud will be discharged.


Drilling mud centrifugal pump principle

Centrifugal pump is combined with impeller and casing. Drilling fluid will be sucted from impeller side, when impeller rotates at high speed there will be centrifugal force and gain power or pressure. Then fluid flow through impeller path will produce pressure out. The drilling mud will come out under certain pressure.

If centrifugal pump is feeding pump for hydrocyclone separator the drilling mud will flow into cones under pressure and get a screw to separate larger particles out. If the pump is only transfering pump or for mixing system the pressure will ensure the sufficient motivity and flow rate

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