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May 03

Firstly, decanter centrifuge is widely used in oil field, ship, waste water treatment, it is kind of equipment to processing waste fluid, and it is becoming more and more widely used for protecting the environment. We know that wherever water is used, solids will be mixing with water, and for protect the environment, we need to find a way to process the slurry, so the decanter centrifuge is one of machinery for processing the waste fluid


Picture 1. GNLW363CG Decanter centrifuge

How does the decanter centrifuge work?

Popular explanation on working principle of decanter centrifuge, we can do a game, take out a sheet of paper, draw a circle and points out the location of the center of the circle and draw a radius. We assume that the radius and circular intersection point there is an object, so this is a very simple centrifuge longitudinal view. we know that there are small particles in the suspending liquid, particles in the decanter centrifuge bowl will sink because of gravity, the heavier the particle, the faster sinking. Sinking speed is related to the size, shape and density of particles. In addition, the material was accompanied by a diffusion phenomenon in the decanter centrifuge, the smaller the particle diffusion is more serious, the particle is colloid or half colloidal state, it is impossible to use gravity to separate the particles by decanter centrifuge force. The slower because the smaller the particle sedimentation, and diffusion phenomenon is more serious in the drilling waste. So a strong decanter centrifuge force is required to overcome the diffusion to produce subsidence movement. Decanter centrifuge is to use strong centrifuge force with a high-speed rotation, to speed up the settlement of particles in the liquid

So we can say the theory sample like this, the decanter centrifuge is using high G force to separate the particles in the liquid, because the particles and water is different density. While the decanter centrifuge can not separate too small particles because of particle is colloid already.


Picture 2. GNLW363CG Decanter centrifuge

For more information about decanter centrifuge specification pls visit www.gnsolidscontrol.com to learn more.

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Sep 05

GN solids America, a sales office of GN solids control, has a unit of vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930 in stock for sale, which is brand new with IEC Ex certificate explosion proof motors and control panel. We accept to test in our Houston factory ahead of shipment, welcome to contact GN solids sales for more detail information.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer 3
What’s GN vertical cuttings dryer working principal?
Vertical cuttings dryer can separate of solids and liquids by indicates of centrifugal force and collect the oil in the oil based drill cuttings or synthetic primarily based drilling fluids. The drilling cuttings is feed into the top hopper, by means of the screen basket and rotor, by the effect of centrifugal force, the fluids and fine solids pass through the screen mesh, and after that discharged through fluids output pipe and drop in to the mud tank, you will find 2 fluids output pipe, one particular of them is blocked along with the other one worked as fluids drain pipe. The significant solids or coal particles are retained around the screen basket and scraped down by the scrapper and pushed to the bottom of your screen basket and discharged through a solids trough. The discharged drill cuttings contained equal or less than 5% by weight, it really is dry enough to become shipped directly.
What is GN vertical cuttings dryer applications?
We use a vertical cuttings dryer system right after solids control system within the drilling waste management. A vertical cuttings dryer program firstly gather the cuttings separated from solids control system( shale shakers) by the screw conveyor, then fed into the vertical cuttings dryer, then the discharged the liquids is feed by nemo pump for the decanter centrifuge, the clean fluids is reused for make the drilling fluids once more. The drilling cuttings is drying and lessen oil in the drill cuttings.

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Aug 15

In the course of year of 2013, GN Solids America have exported over10 sets decanter centrifuge to Iran market place. Even you will find some punishments from America; there is also largeprospectiveadvertising strength.

We commonly have 3sorts of Iran customer. 1 is oilfield mud Service Organization, like Scomi Iran. They may be our hugeclient in Iran. They haveutilized GN decanter centrifuge from year of 2010, now they are our agent for Iran market. The second a single is clientswho’veexcellentrelationship with National Iran Drilling Enterprise. They willsupply the solids controlgear & decanter centrifuge & shaker screen to NIDC directly. The third one particular is some powerful trading business. These kinds of trading enterprise mainly buy lots of qty shaker screen from GN Solids Control.

GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge mainly applied by NIDC & Scomi; The most popular centrifuge model is GNLW363 Series centrifuge. This Decanter Centrifuge can be utilised both for solids control & drilling waste management. The speed range is also flexible. Lower speed centrifuge can be employed for big particles separation, like barite recovery; the middle speed centrifuge can be employed for de-watering unit, as dewatering centrifuge; The high speed centrifuge can be utilised for fine solids separation.

GN Solids Control have different model centrifuge for different application. 14inch centrifuge, 18inch major bowl centrifuge, and 22inch major bowl centrifuge. For details of centrifuge, pls contact GN Solids America from official website

decanter centrifuge post before: Decanter Centrifuge Differential Speed Calculation

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Dec 07

High Speed centrifuge is used very often in Indonesia oilfield drilling waste management project.The contractors are always oilfield service company or who is in the industry of environment protection. The regulation for reducing harmful waste discharge stimulated the contractor to recover as much drilling mud as possible.

GN Centrifuge for Drilling Waste

GN High Speed Centrifuge for Drilling Waste

The most popular model centrifuge for drilling waste in GN is GNLW363 which has the similar parameters with the centrifuge of Derrick DE1000, Brandt HS3400 and Mi-Swaco 518.
With bowl diameter of 14″ and length 50″, GNLW363 make sure the solid discharges more dryer.
In order to meet the customer’s demand for adjusting the drilling waste feeding speed to the centrifuge. GLW363VFD would be better choice.  GLW363FVD is always delivered together with 1 unit mono pump as the VFD control panel offered is Three-Variable-Speed for the centrifuge main motor, auxiliary motor and momp pump motor. You could adjust treating capacity by adjusting the speed of the motor.

GN High Speed Centrifuge Advantage

Screw Propeller Tungsten Cabide Tile Protection


  • Normal 3200RPM operation speed and G force 3000
  • The fluids touch part like screw propeller and bowl is made of SS316
  • Tungsten cabide tile for screw propeller and solids discharge port protection
  • Bearing from SKF and Siemens electric components for long lifetime and easy to get all around the world for maintenance convenient
  • VFD adopt positive pressure control and control panel from China top supplier
  • Various belt wheel available and easy for changing

GN Centrifuge for Drilling Waste World Customer

By now, the customers who foucs on drilling waste management coming from Indonesia, South America, Russia, Middle East
and North Africa has all already equiped with GN high speed centrifuge. Welcome contact with GN Solids Control for more
information on the centrifuge and other solids control equipments.

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Jul 21

In currently oil drilling industry, the cloosed loop system is absolutely regarded as the most desirable solution for the drilling mud recycling and wast management. In one closed loop system, solids control equipments and drilling wast management equipments may be involved.

GN Solids Control Closed Loop System

Closed loop system working principle

Drilling mud out from the well hole firstly flow into the solids control system which contains shale shaker, mud conditioner and centrifuge. The basic working principle is to separate the drilling cuttings as large percentage as possible. Then the fluids could be reused, and the solids waste out from the solids control system will be transfered to the waste management equipments for further treatment, the same principle of solid and fluid separation.

Closed loop system process

In the whole closed loop system, many equipments will be involved. Besides the mud solids control system, drilling waste management equipments such as Hi G drier, Verti G Cutting drier and decanter centrifuge are all take the important roles. Wet waste out from the solids control system after treated by these equipments, the solid particals will be more drier could be transported easily. The fluids could be as large percent as possible to be reused or discharge into enviroment without pollution.

As the keeping raising consciousness for enviroment protection and cost saving in drilling project, closed loop system already become the best choice for the drilling company or the contractor. For more information about the closed loop system, please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.

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May 02

In one drilling rig system, regarding the treatment for drilling mud, many equipments involved. And there could be devided into 2 categories: Drilling mud solids control equipments & drilling waste managements equipments.

Drilling Mud Service Worksite


Solids control equipments is used to separate drilling cutting from the mud. It is always cosist of shale shaker,vacuum degasser,desander, desilter, sometimes decanter centrifuge. After the treatment by these equipments, the drilling mud from bottom hole is active for reusing.

Mostly, the drilling cuttings discharge from the shale shaker aften full of fluids and difficult for transporting. It need further drying. Then we need some drilling waste management equipments. While the main equipments in drilling waste management system are Verti G cutting drer(or drying shaker) and centrifuge. The drilling cuttings was collected and transfered by auger to cutting dryer, then for further treatment. In this system, it is also a separation for solid and fluid. Just the discharge more dryer, and more active drilling mud could be reused.

Drilling Mud Treatment Diagram


GN received more and more inquiries from the contractor for drilling waste managements. Just last month, we received order from client for Hi G drying shaker and VFD Centrifuge, they used in project for pertamina. Welcome contact with GN if any requests for our products.

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Feb 04
drier shaker

drier shaker

Some of our customers do the business of drilling waste management, the drier shaker is one of the main equipments in the drilling waste management system.

What is a Drier shaker

When talk about the drilling waste management, we always mention the vertical cutting drier which is used very popular in the system. Regarding the drier shaker, it is the same function with the cutting drier. And seeing from the out shape, it is same structure with the shale shaker, just with more higher force vibration motor and installed with more finer mesh screen.

How the Drier Shaker works

With the high vibration force, the water in the drilling cuttings could be uttermostly separated and through pass the mesh screen. The cuttings would be more drier, that would be easy to treat the cuttings in coming procedure. The fluids out from the drier shaker would be transfered to the centrifuge by a screw pump or slurry pump to separate the more finer solid particals.

Currently, GN could offer the drier shaker of model GNZS63-4. If you are interested in our drier shaker or other solids control equipments, just feel free to tell us.

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