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drilling mud | GN Desander Desilter
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Oct 18

Consumption of huge quantity of oil and energy has brought great convenience for the development. Drilling oil has become dramatically more important today. There will be this kind of problem in the oil drilling process. GN Solids Control(China) mud recycle systems avoid such problems, we need a good selection in the choice of equipment to avoid incidents happen.

Shale shakers are often used in the drilling process. I think we normally have found that drilling fluids overflow phenomenon. Let’s look at the following information which may give your ideas.

Drilling fluids factors

1, Mud or drilling fluids viscosity is too high. They are clogged on the shaker screen and stop drilling fluids flowing across the shaker screen.

2, the large mud weight may cause the same problem

3, the solid percentage of drilling fluids is too high

4, cuttings dispersed.

Negative shaker performance factors:

1, the G-force or vibration force is not enough;

2, screen mesh or screen API number is too high, the penetration rate of shaker screen is relative low;

3, the effective area of ​​shaker screen is too narrow

4, vibration track determines the mud transport speed;

5, Choosing inappropriate shaker screen, drilling fluids accidently flow to both side of shaker screen. So drilling fluid can not flow equally all over the shaker screen

How to avoid overflow happen and do the appropriately shale shaker maintenance:

  1. Appropriately adjust the deck angle in order to process more fluids;

2 .  Set up vibration motor and obtain high vibration force

3 .  Carefully read information of shaker treating capacity before purchase the unit

4 . If the shaker screen is blocked, we should immediately wash out solids/particle

5.  Once the shale shaker shut down, operator should clean the whole units and surface of screen. Otherwise, the mud will block the shaker screen.

CBM mud recycling system

CBM mud recycling system














Centrifugal pump Mechanical seal:

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Sep 05

GN solids America, a sales office of GN solids control, has a unit of vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930 in stock for sale, which is brand new with IEC Ex certificate explosion proof motors and control panel. We accept to test in our Houston factory ahead of shipment, welcome to contact GN solids sales for more detail information.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer 3
What’s GN vertical cuttings dryer working principal?
Vertical cuttings dryer can separate of solids and liquids by indicates of centrifugal force and collect the oil in the oil based drill cuttings or synthetic primarily based drilling fluids. The drilling cuttings is feed into the top hopper, by means of the screen basket and rotor, by the effect of centrifugal force, the fluids and fine solids pass through the screen mesh, and after that discharged through fluids output pipe and drop in to the mud tank, you will find 2 fluids output pipe, one particular of them is blocked along with the other one worked as fluids drain pipe. The significant solids or coal particles are retained around the screen basket and scraped down by the scrapper and pushed to the bottom of your screen basket and discharged through a solids trough. The discharged drill cuttings contained equal or less than 5% by weight, it really is dry enough to become shipped directly.
What is GN vertical cuttings dryer applications?
We use a vertical cuttings dryer system right after solids control system within the drilling waste management. A vertical cuttings dryer program firstly gather the cuttings separated from solids control system( shale shakers) by the screw conveyor, then fed into the vertical cuttings dryer, then the discharged the liquids is feed by nemo pump for the decanter centrifuge, the clean fluids is reused for make the drilling fluids once more. The drilling cuttings is drying and lessen oil in the drill cuttings.

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Aug 29

By finish of next month, September of 2014, GN Solids Control’s new factory might be begun. This really is the 4th factory GN owns. And this factory will play an important part in GN production line.

Given that its establishment in year 2007, GN grows from a single factory corporation to today’s top rated manufacturer of solids control and waste management firm in China. It owns four factories: old factory in city of Tangshan, new factory close to Beijing, a separate factory for shaker screensas well as the above pointed out 1, a new factory with workplace developing and workshop.
GN’s core product mud agitatorwill probably be moved there and production capability is going to be doubled soon. In addition to decanter centrifuges, GN Solids America will establish a separate workshop for centrifugal pumps.
Lately, orders for centrifuges come from everywhere in the planet. Some old customers even complain that GN in no way has in-stock centrifuges. GN is sorry about that also. For each and every lot of beneath production centrifuges(, prior to production finished, all are sold out. The new factory will resolve this problem for GN Solids Control; this can be absolutely good news for both GN employees and GN valuable buyers.
For the new factory, GN Solids America will continue its high typical for high quality control and sophisticated technology used for precise solutions. And GN is constantly prepared to complete far better in supplying the clients and finish customers with most appropriate options and extremely effective equipment such as desilter, desander etc..


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Jul 01

Inside the final two decades, desilter approach has experienced a good deal growth as a approach of installation. We could know that the number of the unit in use improved greater than a hundred-fold within the decade following 1984. The improvement has driven by the positive aspects supplied to utility user like elimination of targeted website traffic disruption, minimal surface harm and elimination of affecting the neighbor soil. desilter plan is extensively applied for the civil developing, laying the pipeline, creating the bridge and civil infrastructure.
To date, desilter program play a important part within the solids control system. GN desiler will offer you higher penetration price and proficiently recycle the drilling fluids to lower the lost of drilling fluids and shield the environment.
GN gives desilter system from mini mud strategy which contains: shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge, jet mud mixer, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, mud gun, mud tank and relative unit etc.
How to Choose and Design Desilter System,Concerning to numerous various consumers?requirements for the mud treating system of desilter relevant projects, GN engineer is committed to supply one of the most effective answer and premium excellent of equipment. Also, GN will dispatch our certified engineer for your functioning internet web page for delivering the operation suggestions inside the event you acquire our unit. GN has commonly accompanied your side as your very best companion.

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Aug 25

More stringent cuttings discharge regulations pressures the operators and drilling contractor to find the way reduce the drilling waste volumes and recover drilling mud for reuse.

As a leader for offering solids control and drilling waste management equipments, MI SWACO VERTI G Cutting Drier offered very good solution for offshore and onshore porjects where the recovery of valuable drilling mud from cuttings, as well as recovery of whole mud lost from shaker failure, rig motion and screen blinding.

GN Verti-G Cutting Drier

GN Solids Control, the first one API certified manufacturer for solids control equipments in China, realized that one never would be a leader unless owning the Verti G Cutting Drierof independent design.



MI SWACO & GN Verti G Cutting Dier parameter comparation

MI SWACO Verti G Cutting Drier

GN Verti G Cutting Drier







Centrifuge motor power



Lubrication pump motor power



Screen turns






Screen Specifications

203/254/381/508 Microns

250/350/500 Microns


60 tons per hour

30~50 tons per hour

Solids discharge oil content



Verti G cutting drier is often used in drilling waste management projects, some other important equipments may be involved together to complete the solution. High efficiency horizontal decanter centrifuge is the most important one which is used to separate more finer solid particals out from the drilling fluids.

For more information on Verti G cutting drier, you may search GN Solids Control in google to find our contact or send a mail to

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Jun 02

Person who works on drilling site know that there are several additives in the drilling mud, like bentonite,clay and Polymer. When add the polymer into the drilling mud, we may use the shearing pump.


In a drilling mud recycling system, for the bentonite and other additives, we could use the centrifugal pump to shear and mixing them. But for long strings polymer, only the shearing pump could be used for its wider flow pass and smooth vanes.

Always the shearing pump is package together with hopper, mud gun and transfer line which could transfer the mixed mud into each tank compartment. The impeller of GN shearing pump is made of high wear resistant cast iron for longer service life. Any need for shearing pump and other solids control equipments, just feel contact with GN Solids Control.

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Mar 17

In some drilling project such as HDD, CBM and water well drilling, the capacity of the drilling mud need to be treated is not so large. Sometimes 150GPM, 200GPM.  The traditional mud cleaner is oversized for this grade treating capacity. In order to meet the special requirement, GN designed and produced one type mini mud cleaner that applicated in small mud system.

Mini Mud Cleaner

The Advantage of Mini Mud Cleaner

Comparing with the traditional desander, desilter, mini cleaner has a underflow shaker GN752 model contains 2 panels screen. That make the mini cleaner could be used to treat the weighted drilling mud. For it has larger screen area and Vibration force. While the underflow shaker is structure compact and cost saving. It is a best choice for samll drilling project.

The Structure of Mini Mud Cleaner

GN mini mud cleaner is designed to match desander or desilter cone. For desander cone, we could choose 1 unit or 2 unit 10″ cone. The treating capacity is 500GPM or 1000GPM. Correspondingly, by this capacity, the desilter cone number is 8 and 12. If you want to use it when the flow rate is smaller. You could choose 4 units desilter cone or 6 units. While the matching capacity is 200GPM and 350 GPM. One artful design in GN mini mud cleaner is that the cyclone frame is installed and fixed on the Underflow shaker by bolts, we could uninstall it for transport convenience. For the underflow shaker for mini cleaner, we also offer linear motion and balanced elliptical motion. Welcome to GN website to get more information about this mini type mud cleaner, you could also send us email or make a call to us. GN will give you satisfying solution.

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Feb 11

Flare Ignition Device

Flare ignition device is equiped on the oil and natural gas drilling field in case of flammable and poisonous gas overflow while drilling. The frequancy for the application for thsi device is very low, but it is necessary to keep this device on the drilling site as no accident is minor accident.

Structure of Flare Ignition Device

The flare ignition device has a simple structure of gas guiding pipe and high presure ignition. The ignition is controled by a small control panel installed on the vertical pipe, and at the foot of this device, we design a natural gas tank to store natural gas for igniton. The  potential transformer could convert the the electrical presure from 220 volt to 16000 volt. At connecting point of the flare ignition device to hoses from the drilling site, we install a backfire valve to prevent the fire get in the hose contercurrently.

Flare Ignition Device Working Priciple

Once we need a flare ignition device, we also will equip another device which is know as mud gas separater. The gas cut in drilling mud out from the drilling hole gets into the mud gas seperator first, then the gas in the mud will be removed out and guide to the flare igniton device by a hose. The flare ignition device is always installed at lest 50 meters far away from the drilling site.

Besides the drilling site, flare ignition device also could be used in all the place where flammable and poisonous will produce. Welcome contact with us if you are interest in this device and other solids control equipments. GN will show professionally in offer products and service.

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Oct 19

Drilling mud ( also called drilling fluids) including water-based mud (which can be dispersed and non-dispersed) , oil-based mud (non-aqueous mud) and gaseous drilling fluid, in which a wide range of gases can be used.

oil-based mud desilting

oil-based mud desilting

Oil-based mud can be a mud where the base fluid is a petroleum product such as diesel fuel. Oil-based mud are used for many reasons, some being increased lubricity, enhanced shale inhibition, and greater cleaning abilities with less viscosity. Oil-based mud also withstand greater heat without breaking down. The use of oil-based mud has special considerations. These include cost and environmental considerations.

In a solids control system, desilting is after desanding work, and depends on the drilling mud character,  the desanding or desilting unit is not always need. The desanding and desilting equipments are called desander and desilter, or combine them, as mud cleaner.

Desilting can be used to separate large particles from oil-based mud to get drilling fluids balance and clean.

How oil-based mud desilting work for drilling mud?

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Sep 13

GN vacuum degasser is different with Derrick Vacu-Flo Degasser Model 500, both in structure and working principle,  but they have same function as follows.

GN drilling rig vacuum degasser(ZCQ series) is a special-purpose device for the treatment of gas-cut drilling fluid. It is a new type one we have designed and developed by combining different sorts of degassers from home and abroad. It’s applied to match with various mud purification system. It is important for returning mud gravity, stabilizing mud viscosity and reducing drilling cost. Also, it can be used as a heavy-power agitator during the operation of gas free mud.

vacuum degasser

vacuum degasser

Working principle of GN vacuum degasser

The vacuum degasser uses the suction of the vacuum pump to establish an under balanced pressure area in the vacuum cylinder and causes the drilling fluid into the hollow shaft of the rotator through suction pipe under the atmosphere pressure, and then lets the fluid spray to the walls of the cylinder from the windows on the hollow shaft, now the gas bubble cut in the mud may break and run off in the function of vacuum pump suction to a safe area due to the fluid collision and bubble separator. However, the mud will enter the drainage cavity forced by its self-weight and pass the rotator and discharge off the cylinder. In addition, drilling mud can enter the pump cylinder only through the suction pipe, and can’t be sucked in through the discharge pipe because the vacuum pump and the master motor are started simultaneously and the rotator connected to the motor will revolve at a high speed.

Trouble shooting of vacuum degasser operation:

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