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Apr 11

GN Solids Control just exported to mud cleaning system to European, which including shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifugal pump and jet mud mixer

Mini Solids Control System

1. One set of GNZS752E-DM shale shaker with two panels shaker screen.710mm low weir height is easily for cutting transport to shaker

2. Desilter consist of 4 desilter cones and one set GNZS752E shale shaker, which is small capacity

European market has really high standard and stringent rules for the oilfields equipment. However, GN has proved our equipment quality to the world again. GN is the first API certification solids control equipment manufacturer in China. Also, GN Solids America LLC is the first USA based solids control company from China, with branches in USA, Australia, Latin America, and Middle East.GN has exported waste management equipment over 60 countries. All of the results showed us that GN is striding to world and service different country.

In the future, we will be based on the high quality, fast service and convenient spare parts to service the world. Our client is very satisfied with our equipment, and cooperation will be continued between us and European buyer

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Mar 29

Solids Removal Theory

Drilling fluid and equipment maintenance cost can decrease greatly when proper solids control practices are utilized. From a fluid control stand point it would be desirable in most cases to remove all drilled solids. Although this is possible, it would be cost prohibitive. The goal of a solids control system is to achieve the balance between mechanical solids separation and dilution that will result in drill solids being maintained at an acceptable level with a minimum of cost.

GN solids control system

GN solids control system

Benefits of Low Solids In Drilling Mud

  1. Increased drilling penetration
  2. Increase bit or back reamer life
  3. Reduce mud cost
  4. Reduce triplex mud pump, mud motor & surface equipment maintenance cost.
  5. Reduced clean up & haul off or disposal cost

    Shale shaker

    Shale shaker

These benefits are the result of planning prior to boring and are accomplished through the use of properly designed, sized and operated solids removal equipment. It is the responsibility of the boring crew to become knowledgeable in the proper use of the equipment; otherwise the potential benefits may be reduced or nullified.

Cutting dryer

Cutting dryer

Methods of Controlling Solids

  1. Mechanical treatment
  2. Chemical treatment
  3. Dilution of mud with water
  4. Discard mud & mix new mud.

All of the above with the exception of Mechanical treatment in most cases are cost prohibitive.

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Sep 01

GN have existing proposal for ZJ70 drilling mud solids control system, it has been used for an India company and a Chinese oilfield drilling company. And it is flexible for different client’s requirement.

 ZJ70 drilling rig including the following model.

ZJ70 drilling mud solids control system

ZJ70 drilling mud solids control system


·  ZJ70/4500LD Drilling Rigs

·  ZJ70/4500L Drilling Rigs

·  ZJ70/4500DS Desert Drilling Rigs

·  ZJ70/4500D Drilling Rigs

 A ZJ70 2000HP drilling mud solids control system including the following basic equipments:

1 Trip tank

2 shaker tank

3 suction tank

4 recycling tank

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