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Jun 30

GN drilling fluids recycling unit is a new developed system for HDD client.

Drilling fluids recycling unit have found favor with the mid-size rig contractors and are even being used with some mini-rigs today. Advantages such as cleaner locations, less water hauled in and less mud hauled off, less drilling fluid products required to complete the bore, and reduction in labor cost and drilling time are now being had by contractors throughout the industry.

Main Benefits of GN drilling fluids recycling unit

  • Cost effective method of re-cycling drilling muds.
  • Reduces cost of supplying fresh mud.
  • Avoids cost of disposing of liquid waste.
  • leaving the useful bentonite particles in suspension for re-use.
  • The discharge from the cleaner is virtually dry, dramatically reducing disposal costs.
  • Reliable and durable design, based on 20 years of field experience Engineer
  • High speed continuous mixing facility incorporated.

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