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Jan 09

Here mentioned the hydrocyclone is used in drilling mud recycling equipments. Mostly we could see it on desander, desilter and mud cleaner. Therefore, we could classify the hydrocyclong into desander cyclone and desilter cyclone.

Desilter cone

Desilter cone


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Aug 06

Core Drilling is a main mode of exploration in mining industial like the seeking for copper, gold and silver. The main equipment of a core drilling is a diamond-tipped core drills. It is always designed as the opened end to remove a cylinder of material, The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the core.

Core Drilling Cuttings

The cuttings created in the core drilling is very fine. These ultra fine cuttings can cause many issues down the hole such as broken cores, lost cores, and premature bit wear. In order to keep the core intact and the bit cooled, a bentonite including drilling mud is required. Besides the above mentioed two functions, the drilling mud could also take the cuttings out of the drilling hole.

Core Drilling Solids Control Unit

The flow rate of drilling mud in a core drilling is aften not large, maybe hundred GPM. So, not all the whole line solids control equipments needed. Sometimes, a desander with tank is enough to remove the ultra fine cuttings from the drilling mud. Different end user may choose different equipment to complete the mud clean mission, therefore, a high efficience centrifuge is also a ideal solution.

For core drilling solids contorl equipments or solution, you definitely could contact with GN solids control for more infomation. For GN is really a mud cleaning specialist.

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May 07

Desilter brief application

Oil well drilling mud desilter is after desander (or hydrocyclone desander). It is 3rd phase solids control equipment. It usually can separate particles as 15-40 microns

Desilter separator structure

Usually, there should be input pipeline, output line, bottom shaker, base frame, etc. Also there maybe without bottom shaker according to user’s demand.

How does desilter work?

The basic principle is drilling fluid transferred by centrifugal feeding pump to desilter from desander compartment in the mud tank. At this occassion, the drilling fluiud is under certain push force and pressure. The drilling fluid will becocme high speed whirl and give large centrifugal force.

Then the heavy solid particles will flow out via outlet hole. If there is bottom shaker, the drilling fluid will be filtered again by screen. Finally the particle will be separated out of tank.

Desilter&Desander for sale

Desilter&Desander for sale

The drilling mud after desilter purifying will overflow into mud tank awaiting next process

Technique specs on hydrocyclone desilter

Mainly there should be desilter hydrocyclone number, diameter, matching pump, pressure, separation solid size, treating capacity, hydrocyclones material, and bottom shaker specs

The technique specs should be from user’s requirement on treating capacity, actual operation environment, etc. Usually the desilter cone diameter is 4″. Presently, GN desilter mainly use PU material cones, and clamp type one. Furthermore, there can be desilter cone with bottom shale shaker or not

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Sep 07

We assembly different size hydrocyclones for different flow rate requirement. For example, GNZJ63-3 mud cleaner ,240m3/h, we use 2x 12” desander cone and 12x 4” desilter cone with a GNZS63-3 underflow shaker. Its screen area is 2.4m2(25.8 FT2) which has better performance than small shaker.



 A hydrocyclone is a device to classify/separate or sort particles in a liquid suspension based on the densities of the particles.

 Polyurethane(PU) Hydrocyclone is a special abrasion resistant polyurethane which under certain conditions can give three times more life than rubber. GN usually use 4 inch cone for desilter, 10 inch cone for desander.

 A hydrocyclone has two exits on the axis: the smaller on the bottom (underflow or reject) and a larger at the top (overflow or accept). The underflow is generally the denser or thicker fraction, while the overflow is the lighter or more fluid fraction.

 Features: 1 Lightweight overflow elbow

 2 Vortex finders

 3 Weep holes prevent damage to housingsOuter housings are fitted with weep holes located in the highest wear areas. Slurry dripping from the weep holes gives an early indication that the liner needs replacing.

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Jul 14

Desander cone, desilter cone can be selected various number to assembly desander, desilter equipment, with different treating capacity according to customer’s requirement.

How to select desander, desilter cone? What size and how many cones we should use?

The desander and desilter selection depends on  particle size:
A,If you use 10″ desander before desilter,max particle size:47microns
B,If you do not use desander,but use shale shaker before desilter,you should use not less then 100mesh=149microns screen before desilter
C,For desander,you should use shaker,whose screen should be better not less then 40mesh=420microns
D,Suggesting Particle size rangle for 4″ desilter is from 15microns to 47 microns

desander desilter cone

desander desilter cone

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Jun 02

Desilter is consisted of desilter hydrocyclones, usually it is 4” cyclone. The number of the cone can be customized according to the treating capacity you need.

There are two types desilters, one is with underflow shaker, the other one is without shaker. Most of the world famous solids control equipments supplier such as Derrick, Brandt, they design a type without underflow shaker, and used a hacking instead of the shaker. But in most situation, GN desilter is with underflow shaker.



We thought it is a better way to process the useful drilling mud. If you do not use a shaker, some useful drilling mud will be discharged as waste mud, that will increase the cost for processing the waste mud, and waste some useful mud. If you use a shaker, you can process the mud in further step, if you use a large mesh screen, it will dry the solids in some time, and you can choose to separate the particle size by your own demand. One the other hand, the shaker will not increase much of the total cost of the desilter. Usually we use a small screen area is enough.

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May 29

GN desander and desilter consist of different size hydrocyclones to reach different treating capacity, we usually use 8”, 10”,12” cone as desander cone, and 4” cone as desilter cone. Although we have 3”,5”,6” cone, but usually we did not use it in our equipments , so as 20” cone.

High performance of hydrocyclone

Hydrocyclone is the most attractive device for removing solid particles from liquid . It utilizes the centrifugal force to effect the separation. The separation of solid from liquid depends on the particle size and particle density. Centrifugal force throws the particles out against the wall and they subsequently drop into the outlet hopper. Cyclone consists of vertical cylinder with conical bottom. The inlet point is near the top of the cylindrical portion. The particles separated are collected at the bottom. Our desander can separate 47~76μm particles, and desilter cone can separate 15~47μm particle.

hydrocyclone desander cone
Hydrocyclones are designed for separating solids from liquids and are successfully used in liquid/solids separation, classification, and concentration.they can be defined as fixed wall centrifugal separator devices that separate particles according to density and mass. Unlike other type of centrifugal separators, the liquid mixture rotates within the chamber. Continue reading »

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