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Dec 06

General introduction of Geothermal well

Geothermal wells are wells which tap into the natural geothermal energy found beneath the Earth’s crust. There are a number of different types which can be utilized in various ways, ranging from wells which connect to sources of steam which can be used to power turbines to wells utilized in geothermal heat pumps, which maintain stable indoor temperatures with the use of a recirculating water system. Most of the world’s geothermal wells are found in areas of increased geological activity.

Geothermal well drilling mud system

Geothermal well drilling mud system

Features of Geothermal well

Like other types of wells, geothermal wells are created by drilling into the Earth’s surface and then sinking in well rings to keep the hole from collapsing. Production wells are geothermal wells which connect to sources of geothermal energy, while injection wells are designed to force water underground for the purpose of maintaining a steady supply of water in the geothermal system.

Some geothermal drillers use AIR drilling for Geothermal but they will have to use drilling mud when we encounter water and the air won’t lift the water anymore. Then drillers will have requirement for mud recycling and solids control.

Geothermal well drilling mud system

Usually geothermal well drilling depth is not so deep as oil/gas drilling well, so they do not need very large treating capacity, but there is strict requirement to separate fine particles from the drilling mud, just like workover drilling rig mud system. For example, clients will need a decanter centrifuge in a workover mud system to keep the balance of the drilling mud.

Similar with oil/gas drilling mud solids control system, geothermal well drilling also need a vacuum degasser to process the invade mud. So usually you need to adopt the following equipments:

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Oct 14

 What is the function of Barite for drilling fluids?

 Barite is commonly used to add weight to drilling fluid. Barite is of significance to petrophysicists because excess barite can require a correction factor in some well log measurements.

 A dense mineral, comprising barium sulfate [BaSO4]. Commonly used as a weighting agent for all types of drilling fluids, barites are mined in many areas worldwide and shipped as ore to grinding plants in strategic locations, where API specifies grinding to a particle size of 3 to74 microns. Pure barium sulfate has a specific gravity of 4.50 g/cm3, but drilling-grade barite is expected to have a specific gravity of at least 4.20 g/cm3 to meet API specifications. Contaminants in barite, such as cement, siderite, pyrrhotite, gypsum and anhydrite, can cause problems in certain mud systems and should be evaluated in any quality assurance program for drilling-mud additives.

barite recovery equipment

barite recovery equipment

 Since barite is essential for drilling fluids, how to recovery it to re-use become particular important. The most effective equipments for barite recovery is GN high speed decanting centrifuge.

 Specification of GN high speed decanting centrifuge for barite recovery

 Main motor: 50HP

Back drive motor: 10HP

Control method: manual control by electric motor

Bowl size: 14’ x 49.5’ (355x1250mm)

Housing (top & bottom casings): SS304

Treating capacity: 40m3/h( 176GPM)

Speed: 0~3200rpm

Separation point: 2μm

Main bearing: FAG

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Oct 08

Following are usual questions clients asked about centrifuge for oilfield drilling mud.

    Is the bowl a solid bowl that is centrifugally cast and one piece


    What is the HP of the back drive motor  

centrifuge for oilfield drilling mud

centrifuge for oilfield drilling mud

GN centrifuge is Hydraulic Back Drive

    What is the housing made of (top & bottom casings)


    Is there any overload safety protection methods for the centrifuge?

There are 3 overload safety protection, one is the safety protection device of the differential, second is the hydraulic coupler overload protection, third is the control panel with over current protection.

    What type of differential for the centrifuge?

Cycloidal pinwheel differential and satellite differential are available.

    Is the screw propeller wear protected?

    Yes, Normal price is for wear protected by Tungsten carbon alloy coating.

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Apr 17

GN solids control can manufacture middle speed, High Speed & Variable Speed decanter Centrifuge according to the customer’s requirements.

With the improvement of petroleum drilling technology and environmental protection awareness, higher requirements are put forward to the petroleum drilling solid-control system, mainly embodies in the following three aspects:

high speed Decanter centrifuge

high speed Decanter centrifuge

a)   Oil gas exploration developer wish to use more clean mud drilling to protect the oil gas layer so as to achieve higher oil gas production.

b)   The using of turbo screw drilling technology put forward higher requirements on the mud cleanness.

c)    More attention will be paid to the disused mud treatment, while treat the disused mud is mainly to separate solid phase from liquid phase as much as possible.

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