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Apr 14

Recently we are studying microtunneling slurry separation system. This is a new project for GN solids control, but the work principle is similar to the slurry separation system used for other project. Our rich experience of design and manufacture help us a lot in the study.

Definition and History

Microtunneling is a process that uses a remotely controlled Microtunnel Boring Machine (MTBM) combined with the pipe jacking technique to directly install product pipelines underground in a single pass. This process avoids the need to have long stretches of open trench for pipe laying, which causes extreme disruption to the community. In the U.S., microtunneling has been used to install pipe from twelve inches to twelve feet in diameter. Therefore, the definition for microtunneling in the U.S. does not necessarily include size. Microtunneling has evolved in the US to describe a tunneling process where the workforce does not routinely work in the tunnel. Microtunneling is currently the most accurate pipeline installation method. Line and grade tolerances of one inch are the microtunneling industry standard. This can be extremely important when trying to install a new pipeline in an area where a maze of underground utility lines already exists.

Microtunneling was developed by the Japanese in the early 1970’s to replace open sewers in urban areas with underground gravity sewers. The first microtunneling project in the U.S. occurred in south Florida in 1984.This was a 600 foot crossing with 72″ pipe under I 95 and the FEC Railroad. Although originally designed for gravity sewer construction, microtunneling installations include underground crossings of highways, railroads, runways, rivers, and environmentally sensitive areas for a variety of utilities. This process has also been used to install plant intakes and outfalls. Microtunneling is also used in the pipe arch technique of supporting large underground openings with an arch or roof made up of small tunnels

As the name implies, microtunneling is used to construct small tunnels. These small diameter tunnels make it impossible to have an operator in the machine itself. Instead, the microtunnel boring machine or MTBM must be operated remotely. Usually the operator controls the machine from a control room on the surface of the ground. The operator is given constant feedback about the machine’s location, orientation and hydraulic devices via a computer console. Most machines also have video cameras set up to give the operator more information. The operator can then control the MTBM and the jacking frame from the safety of the control room.

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Apr 12

Our “dredge slurry separation system” and ” waste mud treatment system” used together to process the highly polluted river.

we called  “dredge slurry separation system” as A, ” waste mud treatment system” as B.
dredge slurry separation system

dredge slurry separation system

 Work principle of the dredge slurry separation system &  waste mud treatment system
A sucked the sludge and separate the solids from the sludge. A including shale shaker(the first phase solids control), desander(the second phase solids control), desilter(the third phase solids control), etc.
 GN2000 Dredged Slurry Separation System including linear motion shale shaker 2sets,mud cleaner 4sets, sand pump 2sets,agitator 2sets,Automatic liquid-level control device 2sets, circulation tank 1sets, electric control system 1set, lighting system 3sets, walkway,stair,guard rail,valve, pipeline 1set, etc.
1 The solids from shale shaker(maybe including some junk) should be dumping or smashed to use for foundation soil.
2 The solids from desander will be through curing process, to used for foundation soil or building construction materials(such as Brick ). Continue reading »

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