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Apr 09

On March 29-31, GN Solids Control successfully attended the global biggest oil equipment exhibition — “2016 CIPPE Exhibition”.


At the exhibition, the products of GN Solids Control experienced the “word of mouth marketing”, let us know more about it in detail.


Now the international crude oil price is low and all the companies in the oil industry are suffering, but that does not mean they will compromise to product quality though they need low cost product.


Now in the world, lots of customers don’t like to use the products made in China, as the product quality they think is bad though the price is low. They would prefer to use the products with high price made in Germany, America and so on, as the product have good quality.


At this exhibition, 1 customer from Phillipines has the need with the solids control equipment like shaker, centrifuge, mud cleaner, but as they used the relative equipment from another manufacture of China before, the result proved to be disappointed.


This time they came to attend the “2016 CIPPE Exhibition” and tried to find other suppliers, but they are still doubtful duo to the previous experience. They came to the booth of GN Solids Control and looked at the products of GN Solids Control.


The customer looked at the Shale Shaker, Centrifuge, Vertical Cuttings Dryer, Jet Mud Mixer, during the communication between the customer with the salesman of GN, the customer asked lots of sharp questions.



Compared with the salesman, they are more willing to believe the other customers.


GN Solids Control has one customer from France and has purchased GN’s products before. This time, the customer came to attend the exhibition and want to place another order on GN Solids Control.


Facing the doubt and sharp questions from the Phillipines’ customer, this France’ customer shared the personal experience and said GN’s products are believable!


The France’s customer gave a detailed comparison between the products of GN Solids Control and other similar manufactures in China. Finally, the Phillipines’ customer showed the trust and interest on GN’s products.


Compared with the salesman, customers are more willing to believe what said by the other customers.


This is the “word of mouth marketing” experience with GN Solids Control!!


Finally, if you have any need with the products used for solids control and drilling waste management, welcome to visit our website and contact us at any time.


Email:[email protected]

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Jun 29

This week, GN will send 1 unit GNPS703 Shale shaker to India Customer from Mining Industry. Just like GN advertised, GN’s equipments could be used in Oil & gas drilling, Horizontal directional drilling and some other industry. No doubt, mining industry also need solids control equipments.

Mining Industry Shale Shaker


GN Shale shaker advantages:

* Metal & rubber composite material for dumping spring with longer life
* Vibrating motor choose Italy Oli brand, IEC Ex and ATEX option available
* Heat treatment on complete shaker deck
* Electrical components: Siemens, Schneider, ABB
* Surface painting & coating with heavy anticorrosive Japan Kansai paint
* Wedged type shaker screen for fast screens changing

Why GN Shale shaker

Customer knew GN for a long time but never given GN order before, cause they have’t seen GN equipments before. But we never given up informing customer about GN’s news such as GN attending CIPPE in Beijing & OTC in Huston.
What the customer request is the direction of GN’s endeavor. Our customer has a urgent project and will need one unit shale shaker. After inquiring some other manufacturer for shale shaker without getting a better solution. They come to GN, with discounted price, gn transfer one unit shale shaker from other project to our customer. What GN thought then is how to help our customer solve their problem. If you are sincere to Customer, customer will trust in you.

Besides GN Shale shaker, this Customer fron India mining industry together placed order to GN for Jet mud mixer and Agitator, now the equipments are under producing. If you need help from GN, please don’t hesitate to tell us.

Customer first will be always the faith of GN.

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Apr 14

Drilling waste management is giving more and more attention as the raising consciousness of Environment protection. GN has already seen this trend, so, after large investment of funds and man power, the vertical cutting dryer of GN brand came true.

Many person may know solids control very much, but drilling waste management is complete new to them. Here, let’s start our theme from a question.

GN Vertical Cutting Dryer

Do you know how person treat the drilling cutting discharged from Shale shaker installing on the mud tank system? As there is still too much liquid contained in the cuttings, so it is hard to transport or bury them. Therefore, we need separate the solids and liquid again. Continue reading »

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Apr 07

Just the past Beijing Drilling Show CIPPE on 19~21 March, GN again show her elegant demeanour to people who come to our booth.

GN at CIPPE 2012


GN Participated CIPPE last year

Last year, although GN first time attended CIPPE 2011, she made a shock there. GN took 1 complete trailer mounted mud system there with all the necessary equipments. Many experts and business men came to GN booth for viewing and learn more about solids control. Also from then, GN let the public keep her in mind.

What has GN done this CIPPE

This year, GN booked a booth of 250m2 which is the largest one in all the manufacturer for Solids Control Equipments. Once more, GN gave the audience a superise. Not only, GN brought a Hydraulic Jackup mud system them, also, GN show her new products-Vertical Cutting Dryer which attracted lot attention from audience.
Besides the above mentioned, GN’s mini mud cleaner also received good remarks. It is really a good choice for smaller treating capacity mud recycling project. Continue reading »

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Jan 19

Look back for the past year of 2011, GN Solids Control obtain much from every aspects. Depending on the qualified products, GN received many orders from new and old customers. More inportant, we made friends with our customers, GN is gradually confirmed by the clients.

In the coming new year, GN will attend the 12th CIPPE Exhibition in Beijing City and OTC Show in Huston, USA. GN booked large area stand booth for both the exhibition just want to let customer know that GN is professtional in mud solids control and really a manufacturer of genuine and sincere. The new facility under building also prove that GN is always trying to make the best.

The year of 2012 is full of chance and challenge, and GN has been already for them, let’s wait and see.

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