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Apr 17

Bored Pile Construction

Double Deck Mud Cleaner

Bored pile is widely used in massive civil infrastructure and industrial construction such as the tall building or bridge work. Less disturbance surrounding soil, little noise and  much economic drilling than the conventional drilling are the main advantages of bored pile. However, drilling engineers have to do mud investigation and decide which drilling technology has to be carried on. Piling contractors decide the correct drilling technology and solids control equipment minimize influence on the environment and reduce the cost.

GN double deck shale shaker with hydrocyclone is  perfect solids control system matching with the bored pile. The working function will be introduced below


drilling mud is pumped to bottom deck (2) shaker screen separate large particle to disposal site and fluid penetrate to mud tank(3), the slurry pump(4) will transfer drilling fluid to desander cone(5) for further separation. The solids/sand will be separated on the top deck (6) to discharge. The cleaning fluid will store in tank (7)


Schemetic Graph

It is a compact and economic design. The smart solids control system  wins massive compliments from our clients. Please contact with us if you need more information.


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